Rowleys in 1790 Census



born Falmouth MA 10 Nov 1720 son of Nathan(iel?) and Mercy Hatch Rowley (Frederick Corbett Ward, ROWLEY, the Narrative of a Plymouth Colony Family [1938])

married Falmouth 27 Feb 1745 (ROWLEY, the Narrative of a Plymouth Colony Family) Christiana Weeks born c1716: died Falmouth 15 Mar 1808 (Vital Records Falmouth)

1790 Census: Falmouth, MA showing 102 00 (One free white male 16 and up and two free white females: thus probably Matthew, Christiana, and daughter Mary)

died Falmouth 31 May 1801 age 80 (VR Falmouth)

Known children :

  1. Mary
  2. Nathan Chamberlain, born Granville MA c1756: died NY 11 Jul 1830: married Lexington NY Lucy Lament, born 1778: died 1851, daughter of Cornelius Lament; 9 children

Thanks to Sharon Piersma

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