Rowleys in 1790 Census

Daniel Rowley


He was born 20 Apr 1759 at Middleton, Monmouth Co., NJ about 3 mi. from Sandy Hook, the son of Matthew and Deborah (Gray) Rowley (1-5.043)

He entered service for the American Revolution from Fredericksburg, Dutchess Co., NY.

He married: Phebe Miller (who died in 1828)

Known children:

i. (Rev) Samuel, b 3 Feb 1784 Granville, Washington Co., NY

ii. David, b 31 Aug 1785 NY

iii. Daniel, b. 10 Feb 1787 Washington Co., NY

iv. Joseph

v. Naomi, b Swanton, Franklin Co., VT

vi. Charles Miller, b 3 Apr 1796 Swanton, Franklin Co., VT

vii. Miller, b. Swanton, Franklin Co., VT

viii. Isaac Rowley, b. 19 Dec 1804 Erie Co., NY

After 1778, he resided at the Oblong for three years near Livingstone Manor, then moved to Granville, NY.

1790 Census: Granville, Washington Co., NY showing 122-00

After ten years at Granville, he moved to Crown Point where he resided for two years, after which he moved to Swanton VT.

On 12 Mar 1796, an ecclesiastical council was called to organize a Baptist church in Swanton, VT. There were 11 members present, which constituted the church at its organization. Daniel Rowley and John Calkins were chosen deacons

1800 Census: Swanton, Franklin Co., VT showing 32010 01011 (three males 0-10, two males 10-16, one male 26-45, one female 10-16, one female 26-45, and one female over 45)

He moved from Swanton after twelve years to East Huron, (now Wayne, then Ontario County) NY

1810 Census:

1820 Census: Farmingham, Ontario Co., NY showing 300010 10010 (three young sons and one daughter, though the ages are not correct)

He lived in East Huron, NY for 20 yrs., then moved to Castile when his wife died in 1828 to live with their son Miller Rowley

1830 Census: Daniel would have been the 'old man' who appeared in the census record of Miller Rowley, his son.

Pension Application dated 7 Jun 1832 from Castile, Genesee Co., NY when he was 73.

He died in 1840 and was buried Perry, NY.


American Revolution Pension Application S14318

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