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The story of James Samuel Rowley written by Rebecca Rowley.  Below is a rewrite of her written biography on her father-in-law.

A way back, many years ago in the Seven(teen)th Century there lived a man by the surname of Rowley.  Some where in good Ireland where the Good Old Shamrocks grow, he was a good man but there was much trouble and hardships to bare and his good faithful wife died and left him with four boys to finish raising them.  The oldest boyís name was Henry Rowley, second sonís name was Samuel Rowley, the third sonís name was Edward Rowley, and the fourth sonís name was Benjamin Rowley.  So the four boys as they grew up to manhood they became restless as the spirit of youth always do and they became anxious to get out and try their own wings.  In other words to reach out in the world to expand their knowledge and enlarge their views.  Like lots of other intelligent young men they dreamed of a vision in their heads.

So one bright pretty morning just as the sun was rising in the great east shedding its beautiful sun rays over the dewy grass they decided they would all stand on the cross road not far from their little house they had called home from their babyhood up to their present age and so the four boys was up and dressed bright and early on that great and eventful morning never to be forgotten by the four boys as long as they lived and the four boys met at the crossroads, one facing the east, one facing the west, one facing the north and one facing the south.  There with manly courage but a little sickening of the heart as they pressed each others hand in a silent farewell.  Each one going his own way and never looking back.

Henry Rowley still stayed in Ireland and Samuel went to England and Edward Rowley went to Scotland, and Benjamin Rowley came over to America and settled in the United States and that was the last they ever knew of him.  Edward Rowley went into the fishing business in Scotland and there he married a good and very intelligent lady and they prospered exceedingly well and became a very wealthy and refined set of people.  Samuel Rowley the second son of Henry Rowley went to England and there he married and raised his family three boys and one girl.  Success nor riches never seemed to turn his way.  His brother Edward insisted on him to come to Scotland where he was.  Finally he did and his brother put him in charge as over seer of his business.  Here he had a nice home and servants at his command but no that kind of life did not appeal to him and his wife.  So to England they must go so his brother Edward Rowley begged them to let them keep Samuel Rowley III and the Samuel II promised to educate him and care for him as their own child.  But like many other father figures and mother they preferred to keep him themselves regardless what would be best for the child. 

So their child Samuel Rowley the second Samuel from son to son was born 1805 on old Christmas Day.  He grew up course, rough, and unlearned taking of more from his motherís disposition as his father was a very quite and refined gentleman.  When Samuel II was about 21 he married a very beautiful young lady named Eliza Nichols he was a great man for rambling around.  So after their forth child was born he decided to come to America, thinking to better his condition (that was in the year of 1859).  He endured many hardships and also his fateful wife.  He left her with three small children as one of their little boys had died, their second son named Johnny, which left Benjamin their oldest son and two daughters that Eliza named after the mother and Annie their second daughter in the year of 1860.  He sent for his wife and children just one year before the great Civil War began.  So here they were ignorant of American ways, neither of them educated and surrounded by poverty.  In the year 1861 the Government was calling for volunteers so Samuel II enlisted leaving his wife with a young baby but between grief and worry the fail young mother could not furnish the proper nourishment for the baby so the young baby died in a few weeks.  The young husband went through the full course of the war suffering everything a soldier could suffer without completely dying.  While his wife at home took in washing at 25 cents and 50 a day to keep her little family and receiving very little from the government to help her.  After the war was over and he returned to his home they settled in a small coal mining town of What Cheer, Iowa after moving around from place to place in Iowa. 

Cornelius Rowley and Samuel III were born at Pella, Iowa.  Then Edward and Happy and Harriet were born at What Cheer, Iowa.  Cornelius after he was grown up married and had three small children, he was killed by a man named Tracy a convict that escaped the penitentiary at Salem, Organ.  He lived at Seattle, Washington, also was buried there Eliza, Annie, Happy, Harriet.  His sister lived at Seattle were with their families also his brother Benjamin died there making a family graveyard at Seattle, Washington.  Samuel III was born at Pella, Iowa in the year 1868.  He was reared to manhood at What Cheer, Iowa and went to Kansas and there he met Rebecca James Adams.  They were married in the year of 1890 at Travis, Kansas.  Then they moved to Gilman Olney, Post office, Washington.  Their oldest boy George Edward Rowley was born, then Samuel Rowley III moved the family to Castelgate, Utah and from there to Cainsville, Missouri.  There is where Samuel IV was born on 06 June 1893.  After his parents moving from place to place like the coal miners usually do finally moved to Hiteman, Iowa and there Samuel Rowley IV was reared to manhood and he met a young lady by the name of Anna May Gibson at Avery, Iowa and on the 24th day of December 1915 they were married by his father.

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