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Kenneth Palmiter Rowley
Helen Agnes Worden Rowley



Kenneth Palmiter Rowley was born on July 21, 1911 in Easton Township, Ionia, Michigan, to Ford and Pearl (Palmiter) Rowley. He had two sisters, Beatrice (Rathburn) born May 5,1910 and Helen (Bennett) born August 18, 1912.

Kenneth was a descendant of Henry Hial Rowley who moved to Orleans Township around 1850 from Greece, New York. He attended the Goodwin one room school, the same school his father, Ford, attended. After graduation from Ionia High School in 1930, he returned to the family farm in Easton Township.

Mr. Rowley met the girl that he was to marry at a Orleans Grange Hall Dance. He married Helen Agnes Worden on August 20, 1932 in Angola, Indiana. They had four children, Richard, James, David and Margaret Anne (who died October 20, 1971).

Helen was born October 15, 1905 in Berlin Township, Ionia Michigan to Leo and Mabel (McLeod) Worden. She had four sisters: Jeanette (Smith), born February 25, 1911, Hazel (Brickley) March 20, 1908, Margaret (Morrow) July 8, 1913 and Virginia (Morrow) February 20,1923.

Helen attended several one room country schools including LeValley which she attended when she was in the eighth grade. She graduated from Ionia High School in 1923 and worked in the Ionia Telephone Office from 1925 to 1933 as an Administrative Assistant. She was also very active in the First Methodist Church in Ionia.

Kenneth found employment as a “herdsman” for Ingleside Farms owned by Stanley Powell in Ronald Township. Stanley’s wife Eleanor was a loving, kind woman who was very helpful to Helen in those early years.

The Rowley family moved to the Minard farm on west Dildine Road in the spring of 1939 which is the home they were to live in for the rest of their lives. Kenneth joined in a partnership with his father (Ford) in a Jersey dairy cattle operation in Easton Township.

Kenneth and Helen were active community leaders in the Keene-Easton 4-H club and the Easton United Methodist Church. Helen was a Sunday School Teacher and she co-authored The History of The Easton United Methodist Church. Kenneth passed away on February 24,1971 and Helen on May 20, 1988. They are interred in the Easton Cemetery.



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