Branch Two- Thomas of Windsor
Known Descendants

Thomas Rowley of Windsor, Connecticut has origins as mysterious as Henry Rowley, Planter of Plymouth. It has even been said that Thomas was a child of Henry, but no documentation has been located. Other descendants claim to have personal items brought by him from England, which might indicate that he was an immigrant.  Thomas was an early resident of Windsor. He bought land there in 1652. The estate of Henry Denslow, August 1676, mentions, "Mary, wife of Thomas Rowley" as one of the children. In some records he was called, "Thomas Rowell." He was a cordwainer (a worker of leather, or sometimes, a shoemaker.) Thomas died 24 October 1719.

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1-Thomas ROWLEY (abt 1647-bet 1 May 1705 and 1708) [2-1.001]
sp: Mary DENSLOW (10 Apr/Aug 1651-14 Jun 1739)

2-Elizabeth ROWLEY (Mar 1672/73-)
sp: William LUCAS (-)

2-Martha ROWLEY (13 May 1677-)
sp: Samuel FITCH (abt 1674-)

2-John ROWLEY (27 Oct 1679-10 Nov 1679) [d.y.]

2-Deborrah ROWLEY (5 Jan 1680-5 Jun 1680) [d.y.]

2-Samuel ROWLEY (1683-bef Sep 1684) [d.y.]

2-Samuel ROWLEY (Jun 1685-11 Aug 1697) [d.y.]

2-Abigail ROWLEY (10 Feb 1686-) sp: Samuel BONE (-)

2-Grace ROWLEY (5 Aug 1692-18 May 1765)

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