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From: T. W. Rowley
Subject: Alexander Rowley

The following  query was received:

Date: 29-Apr-99 02:36 PM
Name: Anne Brannen
Subject: Alexander Rowley, Palmyra, NY

I have a feeling that I'm asking for well known information, as I find references to Alexander Rowley of Palmyra, NY (1768-1855), married to Hannah -- but I haven't been able to find another information on him. How long had that branch been in New York? Does anybody know anything else about them? (Alexander and Hannah's son Henry married Phoebe Chittenden)

Hello Ann:

We have researchers for your family in the Rowley-Family online discussion list. According to one, "His father- Alexander Rowley.... The men folks went up the Hudson, either in canoes or on a packet as far as Albany - then up creeks and was built in 1810 so Grandpa [Sylvenus] R. could be born there." There is an approximate time they moved there [but, that's upstate New York. They moved from Long Island, NY].

Message to Anne Brannen: We are most interested in finding out more details about the family of Henry. Please share!

T. W. (Tedd) Rowley
Rowley Genealogy

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From: "T. W. (Tedd) Rowley"
To: Rowley List
Date sent: Sat, 1 May 1999 12:00:28 -0500
Subject: Who was Margarite Silvernail?

On 27 May 1822, Margarite Silvernail prepared her Last Will and Testament, which was proved 13 October 1826.

Her heirs were:

Son, William Rowley


William Junior

Granddaughters (minors)

Margarite Rowley
Julia Rowley

The unnamed spouse of son William

She refers in the will to "my first husband William Rowley deceased who served in the Revolutionary War..."


Genealogies have appeared linking this woman to the founder of Branch Four, William Rowley of Southampton, and to his son William's children. This [elder] William had three known children:


Son William, who married Jerusha (Jagger) Bishop, had the following children:

Stephen Bishop


It appears the foundation for what I believe to be an erroneous claim, came from a research genealogist. A reading of the will would have shown this error.

When Margarite wrote her will in 1822, she said the bequests to the two granddaughters should be delivered when they "become of age..." The two daughters of William and Jerusha Rowley were born in 1797 and 1799, and thus would have been of age when the will was drawn.

The only son of William and Jerusha whose name matches the grandchildren of Margarite was William Jr. Nathaniel, Benson, and John do not come close to resembling Stephen Bishop or Franklin.

[LATER NOTE:  Of course, the grandchildren were not named as William's children per se, but there is an oblique reference to having the " rents for the support of the present family of my son William Rowley during his natural life, and also during the life of his present wife or her widowhood." The inference I get is the "family" covers more than son William and his unnamed spouse.  Further, son Alexander had children but neither he nor his family are mentioned in her will.]


The only Benson Rowley I have come across in the Rowley database was born circa 1846, child of Orlando, grandchild of Jeduthan, great-grandchild of Judah etc.


If anyone knows of a William and Margarite Rowley, who had a son named William, and grandchildren named John, Nathaniel, Benson, William, Margarite, and Julia, we have a match.

T. W. (Tedd) Rowley
Rowley Genealogy

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Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999
From: "T. W. (Tedd) Rowley"
Subject: William and Edward Rowley - Branch Four ??

In perusing various papers today, I came across a puzzler that I am throwing out for help.

Out on Long Island, there was a family of Elias Mulford (it fascinates me because I have a connection to this family through my Cooper ancestry). He had two sons, John and Elias. They married sisters, Hannah and Caroline Smith. They formed one household, and their children were brought up as one family.

John's daughter, Phoebe, married Zephaniah Brush. The Brush family was also well-known on Long Island. Zephaniah had two daughters, Amy B. and Caroline M. Those two daughters married brothers: Amy married Edward Rowley in 1850, and Caroline married William Rowley in 1863.

Edward had three sons, Edwin N., Nelson, and Charles.

William had one son and two daughters: Harry, Jenny, and Caroline.

We don't know who Edward and William belong to.

Now, there is Branch Four of the Rowley clan centered in Southampton at one time-- and later in Palmyra, New York. Another William Rowley, born in 1765 and died in 1850, was a sailor for forty years, and then became a farmer on Long Island. It was said his brother, John, caught 700 whales and went around the world three times, was in the American Revolution in six battles, and shot four times. [Whew!] William was supposed to have been a great violinist, but when he joined the church, he had to give up playing. [Maybe he wasn't that good.]

That line has been traced through son Alexander and William Junior to some extent.

I suspect the William and Edward Rowley, who married the Brush girls, somehow belong to this earlier William. But looking at the wills, bible records, cemetery records and other data shows no connection.

Can anybody help?

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