Branch Ten- Job/Joab Rowley
Known Descendants

In the latter part of the 18th century, Job or Joab Rowley was found in Beauford County, South Carolina.  Claims have been made that Job was from the vicinity of London, England, and that his first wife, named Mary Loher or Lohr was of German descent.  The family traveled overland to Louisiana, where the patriarch founded a large family.

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1-Job (Joab) ROWLEY (abt 1755-9 Mar 1821) [10-1.001]
sp: Mary LOHER (abt 1765-bef 21 May 1816)

**Note: Mrs. Elizabeth Dean married Job Rowley 21 May 1816. But which Job Rowley? Supposedly after Job died, Elizabeth married again Thomas Gibson of St Francisville, LA on 29 Apr 1822.

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