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Barnard and Eleanor Rowley

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From: "Richard Melan"
Subject: Page 19 and page 2 photos
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 08:33:24 -0800

What a great site Judith.
I believe the photo on page 19 of Barnard and Katherine (Rowley) Moloney is labeled incorrectly.  If the photo is of her and her husband, he should be labeled as James Maloney. 
Her parents are in the photo on page 2.  They are Barnard and Eleanor (McZureng) Rowley.  (We have a copy of this photo at my Aunt?s house.)
Is it possible to check your sources to confirm whether her fathers name has been switched with her husbands?
Katherine (Cassie Rowley) Maloney was married to James Maloney (or Moloney but his papers seem to favor Maloney).  They are my great grandparents.  She was born in Eau Claire Wisconsin and died there in 1901 after child birth.  James was born in Ontario and died here in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1929.
We have a photo of James and his children (after her death) and one of Katherine and one son, but none of them together.
Please contact me if you need more information or have a question.
Richard Melan

Photograph of Bernard, wife Eleanor, and Daughter
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