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The ROWLEY REGISTRY CROSS INDEX is a cross-reference chart to assist researchers. This chart cross-indexes alphabetically Rowley male heads of household:

Spencer family number
Rowley Registry number
given and surnames
date of birth
individual's father

SPENCER NUMBER SAMPLE: 1 - 7.0241/9.078

The Spencer family number refers to a numbering scheme created by Ernst Spencer, publisher of The Rowley Researcher. The first digit of the Spencer number indicates the branch of the Rowley family identified, i.e., "1-" indicates a descendant of Henry Rowley. Very few of the branches other than Branch 1 have been coded in. The first seven or eight generations from Henry are pretty solid, but there are still gaps between the Rowley Registry listing and families identified by Ernst Spencer. The first digit following the dash indicates the generation from the forbearer, i.e., from Henry, Planter of Plymouth. The following four numbers identify the individuals in the first seven generations.

The numbers following the slash, "/" indicate first, the generation followed by the individual identification number. Thus, all individuals in the eighth and later generations are tied to a seventh generation descendant.

The Rowley Registry number is a non-significant number assigned to each individual in the registry. Future schedules will make use of these numbers. A searchable database is under construction. Currently, those numbers may be used to questions about data contained in the database. It is considerably easier to use those numbers to bring up an individual's data than, say, search through fifty Williams or forty Charles, etc. The database also includes the Spencer family numbers, but the program used does not lend itself to searches by those numbers.

Again, there are many, many Rowley individuals who do not appear on this listing. Only male Rowley (or Rowlee, Rowle, etc.) heads of household are listed. The major effort at this time is confined to the surname. Currently it is a massive effort to identify all those individuals with the surname.

THIS IS A REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE IN MAKING CORRECTIONS TO THIS LISTING. IF YOU HAVE DOCUMENTED DATA WHICH SHOWS THESE ENTRIES ARE INCORRECT, PLEASE ADVISE ME at . [Inconsequential changes, for instance: 12 Jan 1735 instead of 11 Jan 1735 will be phased in only as time permits, although we do want to know about them]. And, of course, notify me of typos and spelling errors as well. (If you don't see an email address in the previous sentence, you will need to turn on JavaScript in your browser).

TO USE THE INDEX, click on the letter of the alphabet corresponding with the given name of a descendant you are seeking.

Remember, with most internet browsers, AFTER you arrive at the page containing the name you are researching, if you click CTL  F a search box will appear on the screen. Place a name in the box and click FIND NEXT or whatever the legend is, and it should take you to the first instance of that name. If that is not the one you want, click it again until there are no more appearances of that name.

The index has been broken up into several pages so that it will load faster when you are researching. Therefore, a page may contain three or four letters of the alphabet. So, when researching, if you are checking two consecutive letters, you may not have to return to the top of the page to continue.

Please DO NOT use data in these charts as documentation for your research. If you find something useful, ASK, and we will tell you where the data came from. Then, check it out! Please!


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