Mayflower's End


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There are lineage society memberships open to Rowley descendents upon application. Collected here will be a list of societies and Rowley descendents who are eligible. See the application related to each individual for additional information. No guarantees of accuracy, of course, but its a start.

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SocietyDescendents of
Mayflower Elizabeth Fuller, wife of Moses Rowley (1-2.01)
John Fuller, husband of Mehitable Rowley (dau/1-2.01)
Bethia Langrell, wife of Daniel Rowley (1-5.002)
Elizabeth Hopkins, wife of Jonathan Rowley (1-5.026)
Rhoda Lewis Cole, wife of David Rowley (1-7.1530)
Amanda Marie Reed, wife of Alvah Rowley (1-7.1530/8.2)
Lucy Eldora Kellogg, wife of Henry Rufus Rowley (2-7.3241)
Mary Steele, wife of John Rowley

Daughters of the American Revolution
Sons of the American Revolution

One of many Lists of Lineage Societies is at Cyndi's List Society Page
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