Index to Non-U.S. Records
in Rowley Registry


2005 South Africa: Beaten to death by classmate
1915 Anzac Burials (Australians and New Zealanders in Turkey, WWI)
1933-2002 Australia, Victoria, Melbourne
Fawkner Crematorium and Memorial Park
1914-1990 Australia, Victoria, Geelong
1904-1997 Australia, Victoria, Melbourne
Necropolis Graveyard
Canada, Southwestern Alberta Obituary Index
1860 New Zealand Military
1835-1885 Ireland, Leitrim Baptisms, Marriages, and Deaths
1833-1910 Canada, Frontenac Baptisms
1811-1830 Canada Immigration
1804-1891 Scotland Wills
1721-1797 Ireland Vital Records
1718-1758 Proceedings at Bailey's (England)
1593-1754 Clues from the English Archives
1543-1770 England Vital Records

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