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The descendants of Henry Rowley are found in every walk of life, in every nook and cranny across this great land of ours. They are farmers, shopkeepers, tradesmen, professional people, politicians and on and on. A few of them went on to even greater heights, and their exploits are found in the history books of the United States and of the world. These brilliant people, we are proud to acknowledge them as our cousins.


Ulysses S. Grant

Ulysses Simpson Grant (1822-1885) was the 18th PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, after having served as the most capable Union general in the Civil War. His exploits won the respect and admiration of President Lincoln. During that war he assumed command of all the forces of the North. It was he who met General Robert E. Lee at Appomattox to accept his surrender.

Although not a politician, and with a distaste for the task, he was elected for two terms as president, serving from 1869 to 1877. He was born 27 April 1822 at Point Pleasant, Ohio to Jesse Root and Hannah (Simpson) Grant. Though known as "Ulysses Simpson Grant," he was baptized "Hiram Ulysses Grant."


His genealogy from Henry Rowley, Planter of Plymouth follows:


1. Henry Rowley m. Sarah (Palmer ?)
2. Sarah Rowley m. Jonathan Hatch
3. Joseph Hatch m. Amy Allen
4. Amy Hatch m. Jonathan Delano Jr.
5. Susanna Delano m. Noah Grant Jr.
6. Noah Grant [III] m. Rachel Kelley
7. Jesse Robert Grant m. Hannah Simpson
8. Ulysses S. Grant, President of the United States

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill

Winston Churchill was undoubtedly one of the greatest public figures of the 20th century. As prime minister of Great Britain during World War II, as a truly great orator, his stubborn refusal to make peace until Adolf Hitler was crushed was crucial to maintaining British resistance to Germany during the grim years from 1940 to 1942. He met President Franklin Delano Roosevelt a number of times, went to Moscow, to the battlefronts and indefatigably worked for the surrender of the Axis forces.

He was educated at Harrow, was a statesman, soldier and author. He served as a member of Parliament, as first lord of the admiralty, colonial secretary, chancellor of the exchequer, among many of the posts he held. He recognized early the expansionist tendencies of the USSR, which he had distrusted from its inception. He coined the phrase, "Iron Curtain."

A truly great man, at the right place at the right time, we are proud to count him as our cousin!

His genealogy, starting with Henry Rowley, Planter of Plymouth:


1. Henry Rowley m. Sarah (Palmer ?)
2. Sarah Rowley m. Jonathan Hatch
3. Joseph Hatch m. Amy Allen
4. Rebecca Hatch m. Nathaniel Berry
5. Rebecca Berry m. John Beach
6. Mehitable Beach m. Ambrose Hall
7. Ambrose Hall m. Clarissa Willcox
8. Clarissa Hall m. Leonard Jerome
9. Jennie Jerome m. Lord Randolph Churchill
10. Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill


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