Unpopular commands from the king.

Convention at Dorset, Vermont
July 24, 1776

We the subscribers, inhabitants of that District of Land commonly called and known by the name of the New Hampshire Grants, do voluntarily and Solemnly Engage under all the ties held sacred amongst Mankind at the Risque of our Lives and fortunes to Defend, by arms, the United American States against the Hostile attempts of the British Fleets and Armies, until the present unhappy Controversy between the two Countries shall be settled.

Signers' Names-- Viz[1]

Joseph Bowker William Gage Daniel Culver
Thomas Chittenden Reuben Harmon John Burnam
Simeon Hathaway John Manley John Strong
Jeremiah Clark Seth Warner Lemuel Bradley
Joseph Bradley William Marsh[2] John Gage
Abraham Jackson Gideon Ormsby John Mott[3]
Samuel Wright Stephen Royce Jonathan Rowlee[3]
Samuel Benton Amos Curtis Jona. Fassett
Jesse Belknap Ira Allen Aaron Parsons
Abraham Underhill Nehemiah Howe Matthew Lyon
William Ward Asa Johnson William Fitch
James Bentle Brown Chamberlain Ogden Mallery
Thomas Morgan Ephraim Buell Jones Fay
Heman Allen Ebenezer Allen Martin Powell
John Burnam, Jr. Benjamin Hicock Roger Rose
Micah Veal [Vail] Isaac Lawrence Samuel Fletcher
Josiah Fish

[1]The names which followed were the signers. There was one delegate from Clarendon, Thomas Braten, who refused to sign.

[2]William Marsh went over to the enemy after signing this, and fled to Canada, leaving his family in Dorset. His property was confiscated, and his return to the State was forbidden by an act passed Feb. 26, 1779, and continued in force until November 8, 1780.

[3]Jonathan Rowley of Pittsford and his son-in-law, John Mott of Neshobee [Brandon], were both delegates.

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