Transcription from
"The Whitney Family of Connecticut."
by S. Whitney Phoenix

Vol. 1, page 878:
"5048 III. William Nelson Gillett, b. at Southwick, Mass., 29 June 1836; a farmer; married by Rev. C. Rutherford, at the Methodist parsonage in West Suffield, Conn. (where her father then lived), 1 Dec. 1858, to Elizabeth Caroline Rowley, born at Hitchcocksville, now Riverton, Barkhamstead, Conn., 1 Aug. 1836, dau. of Gad and Carolina (Case) Rowley. He has dwelt at East Granby, Conn.; Westfield, Mass.; Cranby and Simsbury, Conn.; and lived at West Suffield, Conn., in 1874."

Then in Vol. 2, page 1768:
"Chil. of William Nelson and Elizabeth Carolina (Rowley) Gillett. 12756 I. Frederick William Gillett, b. at West Suffield, Conn., 20 Sept. 1859. 12757 II. Arthur Rowley Gillett, b. at West Suffield, Conn., 16 Sep 1861; died at West Suffield, 28 Jan. 1863, and was buried there." [nothing further]

Vol. 1, page 466:
"2342 IV. Nancy Maria Whitney, b. in Henderson, N. Y., 26 March 1812; married 24 Feb. 1860, in Camden, N. Y., by Rev Mr. Rowley, Presbyterian, to Capt. John Silliman Warner, a master-mariner, who was born in Schaghticoke, N. Y., 1 Aug. 1804, son of William Wilson and Mary (Parish) Warner. "[snip]

Vol. 1 page 580 and page 581:
"Chil. of Caleb and Mehetabel (Rockwell) Corey.
3083 II. Catharine Corey, b. at Hancock, Mass., in 1797; married at Stanbridge, L. C., by Rev. Mr. Reed, to Ora Blakley, a farmer, son of Zaccheus and Roxana (Rowley) Blakley, of Stanbridge, where he was born, 1 Jan. 1800. They settled at Stanbridge, and there died (she, 9 March 1862; he, in 1869), and were buried."
[Children given in Vol. 2, Record #8849]

"3086 V. Permelia Corey, b. at Hancock, Mass.; married at Stanbridge, L. C., Truman Blakley, a farmer, son of Tilley and Rhoda (Rowley) Blakley, of Stanbridge, where he was born. They settled at Stanbridge. He died at Pike River, L.C., 16 Sept. 1847; she, at Brandon, Vt., 8 March 1859. They were buried at Stanbridge." [Children given in Vol. 2, Record #8868]

Vol. 1 page 623
#3385 Note gives a short Ancestry of William Gillett Burnham, son of Abner and Sally (Williams) Burnham.
"Jane Rowley, b. 12 Jan 1785; m. 2 Dec 1810; d. 15 Oct. 1836
Spouse: Abner Burnham, b. at Cornwall, Conn., 11 Jan 1771; died at Sharon, Conn, 13 Feb. 1818.
He married 1st, Sally Williams, b. 1 Apr. 1773, m. 21 Oct 1792; d. 24 Jan. 1810."

Vol. 2 page 1192:
"Chil. of Elisha Green and Eveline Greenleaf (Tooker) Budlong.
7691 III. Florence Amelia Budlong, b. at Adrian, Mich., 26 Nov. 1849; married there, at her mother's house, corner of Main and Butler Streets, 29 Sept. 1874, by Rev. A. F. Bourns, Methodist Episcopal, to William Ellsworth Rowley, a salesman, son of Nathan and Harriet (Parsons) Rowley, of Owens Prairie, Iowa. He was born at Batavia, N. Y., 29 Oct. 1851. They were living at Adrian in Jan. 1875."[nothing further]

The L. C. referred to in several of the records is short for Lower Canada.

Many thanks for the transcription to

Jeanne (Whitney) Muse