Crippen-Crippin Family Page

Donna Younkin Logan has created an impressive new page devoted to the Crippen family. The Rowleys and the Crippens were close in relationships and in communities. This is a good one, and should grow nicely. They have an interactive query section (envy, envy!).

Genealogy Helplist

This is great! This group consists of volunteers who are willing to help others with specific items at institutions near them, or help with other information easily accessible to them. WITHOUT CHARGE, except for out of pocket copying and postage. fees. There are volunteers worldwide!

An Internet Library You Can Use by E-Mail

BWO - A list of resources primarily books, owned by individuals who are willing to look up information and e-mail or snail mail it to those who ask for the information. What a great way to do research from our home computer! And what a nice thing to do-- share our treasure trove of books! Maintained by Michael O. Colvin, Editor, "Books We Own."

Ancestry's American Marriage Records

Searchable early marriage record databases from six books. Links to other searchable indexes as well. A commercial location, but these searches are free.

New England Historic Genealogical Society

The Society has created a website with searching available for members.  Suggest you also look at their CDs for sale..

Mayflower Passenger List, by Caleb Johnson of Lubbuck, TX
According to the Mayflower Descendant, July 1995: The list is notable for its attention to accuracy. Mr. Johnson also monitors the AOL message board for Mayflower Descendants, organized by family.

Delaware Genealogy Society

The society is in the midst of working on the "Delaware Families Project." The period covered is immediately after the close of the American Revolution to 1800. See the site for more details.

New York State Library

This fine library has much genealogical information available in its archives.

Rowley, Massachusetts Family Discussion Group
For any of you who are interested in families who founded Rowley, MA in 1638, their English forebears, and descendants. To subscribe, click button on left and enter: SUB ROWLEY-ROOTS (in the body of the message, not subject line).

Todd Sherman of Gainesville, Florida

He has a fine collection of genealogical pages and other important sites.

Genealogy Resources on the Internet.

Maintained by Chris Guant with many genealogical resources and web page listings. A well respected link.

Cyndi Howells' List of Genealogy Sites.

Listings of genealogical hotlists and personal home pages. An impressive job well done. Winner of the Golden Web award for the 2nd quarter of 1996.

Maureen Reed's Page.

Maureen's page has developed into a real asset for genealogists, with its information and links. See the Rowley genealogy on her page for a great format to be emulated!!

Holler for Janyce of Yakima WA USA

Site award 4 stars by YAHOO! Internet Life magazine, spring 1996. Many listings of great genealogical hot spots and welcome pages.

Michael Borchardt's Page.

There are Rowley stories here and genealogical charts of Rowleys and of Mike's other lines. Another fine page here!

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