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War of 1812 Pension File Abstracts

These files were abstracted manually, with few, if any, photocopies being made of the contents of these files. Therefore, as with any transcribing process, there is considerable room for error

Should any of you have occasion to review these files or obtain photocopies of them, and find errors in these abstracts, it would be greatly appreciated - and a kindness to other researchers - if you would notify me by e-mail at . Thank you - Tedd Rowley.

Different sources have provided different records of Rowleys in the War of 1812. See notes at the bottom of the page


Spencer #(File Numbers) SoldierAbstractComment /
Award List
1-7.1513 Index 14,286


He was a corporal from Evansville, Rock County, Wisconsin. He lived at the town of Union in Rock County. His wife was Martha Campbell, who he married at St. Albans, Vermont, 15 June 1811. His residence was Union, WI and he received an award of $55.00
1-7.0014/08.02(WO- 29,024) (WC- 29,701)
In September, 1814, he was age 28 (born circa 1786), and was born in Shelburne, VT. He married Betsey T. Witters 22 June 1854 at Georgia, Franklin County, Vermont. The Rev. G. W. Ranslow performed the ceremony.

He was previously married to Mercy Drew, who died at Shelburne 30 Nov 1839. The veteran died 4 October 1866. His widow, Betsey, died at Stowe, VT 20 Nov 1884, and was buried at Georgia Plaines on the Sunday following.

His son was E. S. Rowley of Shelburne, and his daughter was Mrs. Frances D. Isham of Stowe, Vermont. She was a daughter of Betsey. Aaron Rowley was also awarded Land Grant 67298.

My notes had appended the following, but it is uncertain whether this was obtained from the pension file:
Aaron Rowley was married to Mercy Drew (daughter of Peter Drew), who died 30 Nov 1830 (sic) ae 44 years (born circa 1786). Their children were: Mary, born 7 Dec 1818, m. Daniel Barnes; Erwin S., b. 22 Apr 1822, m. Mary Singleton, died after 1903; Aaron, b. 11 Jul 1825, d. 10 Jun 1880, St. Joseph, MI; Peter, b. 17 Jun 1827, lived Burlington.

Erwin S. Rowley m. Mary Singleton Feb 1851, and they had Fred. E. who married Jessie Nash (ch: James Erwin and Leon); Henry N. who m. Alice Palmer.

1-7.0470 Index 3,384


  His residence was Westfield, Chautauqua Co., NY and he received an award of $70.00
1-7.0037 Index 6,819


  His residence was Sugar Grove, PA and he received an award of $38.00
2-5.044(SO-4,009) (SC-1,846)
Of Connecticut. His wife's name was Nancy Welles, whom he married at Hartford 23 Oct 1837. He was of Bloomfield, Hartford County, CT. On 24 March 1871 he was age 75 (born ca 1896), and died 12 June 1884.
1-7.1550Index 7,265

WO- 20,554 WC- 23,772. CALEB S. ROWLEY.

He was a musician from Onondaga County, NY. He was age 20 on 7 Aug 1814 (b. ca 1794), and born in Orange Co., NY. On 14 Feb 1831 he married Sophia Bidlack. On 23 April 1878, she was age 75 (b. ca 1803). They were married at Brutus, Cayuga Co., NY 14 Feb 1831 by Rev. Cyrenus Fuller, Baptist minister. They lived in Brutus until 1837 and then removed to Lenawee County, Michigan. He died 23 April 1861. At the time of application, his widow was of Clayton in Lenawee County His residence was Lenawee Co., MI at the time of the pension award and he received an award of $10.50
  Index 1,817 CHARLES ROWLEY   His residence was East Bloomfield, NY at the time of the pension award and he received an award of $42.00
SO- 2,923 SC- 3,263. CHARLES ROWLEY At the time of application, 17 July 1871, he was 79 years old (b. ca 1792). They lived at Vanceburgh, Lewis County, Kentucky. His wife was Amelia Tuttle. They married at Bristol, Ontario County, New York 10 Sep 1815. Charles Rowley died 11 July 1876.

An affidavit was made by Benj. F. Rowley, surviving son. B. F. Rowley was a mechanic. He stated his mother died before his father.

1-7.1563WO- 15,535 WC- 9,980. CONSTANT ROWLEE. His widow was Christann Grundy. They married 31 Jan 1828 at Warner, Trumbull County, Ohio by Justice of the Peace Wm. P. Barnes. Constant died 29 August 1866. On 5 April 1878, the widow was 72 years old (b. ca 1806). She was a resident of Hamilton, Van Buren County, Michigan with a post office address of Decatur. The widow died 23 March 1887. Two surviving children were Philester, age 51 on 18 April 1887 (b. ca 1836), farmer of Decatur, and Caroline, age 47 on 18 April 1887 (b. ca 1840), housekeeper.
1-7.1530Index 8117 DAVID ROWLEY   His residence was Magnolia, WI at the time of the pension award and he received an award of $19.00
WO- 31,366 WC- 27,581. GEORGE ROWLEY. He died 18 Dec. 1866. His widow, was Angeline Coventry, and they married in the fall of 1853 (20 Sep 1853) at Morristown, Belmont County, Ohio by Jseph Woodruff. Angeline was a second wife, his first wife, Easter Morgan, having died 29 July 1852. On 5 July 1879, Angeline was 76 (born ca 1803). Her last address in December 1883 was Barnesville, Ohio. She died 22 Dec 1883. On 20 May 1879, Stewart Rowley, son of George, stated that his father spelled his name "ROLY," and that his father had received a land grant of 80 acres.


WO- 17,261 WC- 9,548. JAMES ROWLEY or ROWLENS. He died 22 Nov 1834. James Rowley was a foreigner by birth and did not speak good English. He married Ann Lambdin at Baltimore 24 March 1819, with the ceremony performed by Rev. Mr. Ellbert of the M.E. Church. On 27 March 1878, Ann Rowley was 78 (born about 1800). On that date, Edward L. Lambdin was then 69 years old. A Mary B. Baile was present at their marriage. No indication of who the latter two people were.
WO- 7,284. JOHN ROWLEY. He died 22 March 1866 at Port Jarvis, NY. His widow was Sarah La Due, and they married at Catskill, Greene County, NY 7 Jan 1814, by M. Peck. On 10 August 1871 she was age 78 (born ca 1793).
1-7.1017WO- 41,081 WC- 32,192. JOHN J. ROWLEY. The pension application was filed from Oakfield Center, Kent County, Michigan. He had light brown hair and grey eyes, and stood about 5-9.

The soldier died 19 Dec 1868. His widow was Anna Marlatt. They married 23 Nov 1823 at Addison, Steuben County, NY, by G. S. Towsley, Justice of Peace at the house of Mathias Marlatt. In 1881 Anna was 78 (born 1803).

3-2.001Index 6,648

WO- 7,584 WC 3,918. JOHN S. ROWLEY.

His residence was Canisteo, Steuben County, NY. He enlisted 10 Sep 1813, and was discharged 16 Nov 1813. He served in Capt. Yates Co., NY Militia. He died 30 April 1868 at Canisteo according to Dolly Nash (sister), witness to his marriage. He married Nancy Nason 6 June 1805 at Duanesburg, NY by Jonathan Herrick, Justice of Peace. Silas Nason & Wallace Hadley testified to this as well. He received 40 acres on NY warrant 42,933 issued February 27, 1852. On March 21 1855 John S. Rowley was 67 years old (b. ca 1788). On 8 Nov 1871, Nancy was 80 years old, as she was on 26 Aug 1872 (b. ca 1791/92). Dolly Nash said she was 77 on 7 Jun 1872 (b. ca 1795), and resided at Wheeler, Steuben Co., NY, and in 1805, lived at Duanesburg, NY.

A letter in the file refers to him as 'John Sanford Rowley, Sr.' and whose sister was 'Dolly' and who had a son, John Jr. born about 1814. He was said, in the letter, to have been born 18 Oct 1787 in Cherry Valley.

John Sanford Rowley Sr.'s father was in the American Revolution, and had this son and two daughters, Elizabeth who married John Ruger of Albany, NY, Saratoga, and Yates County and finally, Greenwood, NY

His residence was Greenwood, NY at the time of the pension award and he received an award of $55.00

Index 2,936 NATHAN ROWLEY  His residence was Lexington, Greene Co., NY at the time of the pension award and he received an award of $65.00
WO- 21,741 WC 18,989. NATHANIEL ROWLEY. He died 2 March 1873 at Rolve, Pocahontas Co., Iowa, and is buried in the Rolve Cemetery. He married Olive Evans 20 April 1820 at Ripley, Chautauqua County, New York by Burbar Brockway, Justice of Peace. She was in Pocahontas County 19 April 1888, but on 8 Sep 1879 she was of Butler County, Kansas. A copy of a bible page shows: Olive Evans married Nathaniel Rowley April 20, 1820, Emily O. Rowley, born 7 Jan 1822, and George W. Rowley, born 29 Oct 1824.
probably 1-7.0289
WO 12,054 MINOR 1,049. REUBEN ROWLEY. He died 13 Nov 1814 in service, and is buried at Shoreham, VT. His widow was Rebecca, and they married at Lenox, Mass 7 March 1792 by Rev. John Nichols. William Rowley was appointed Guardian. The children were William Rowley, Reuben Rowley, Aaron Rowley, Mary Rowley Marilla Rowley, Olive Rowley, Elisa Rowley. The latter three were under age 16. On 26 Mar 1861, Rebecca was 85 years old (b. ca 1776). It is not certain who this Reuben Rowley was. There is a strong possibility that he was the Reuben Rowley, son of Aaron and Anna (Richmond) Rowley, who had a son named Reuben and whose wife was named Rebecca. The town in which the soldier married (Lenox) is about 5 miles from Richmond, Massachusetts where the son of Aaron and Anna was born. - T. W. Rowley.]
  Index 5,071 ROSWELL B ROWLEY   His residence was New Paltz, Ulster Co., NY at the time of the pension award and he received an award of $92.00
1-7.0259/08.05SO- 8,892 SC 17,568. SAMUEL ROWLEY. His residence was in Gallia County, Ohio in the town of Ewington. He enlisted at Genesee County, New York in 1814, and was discharged at Batavia, New York.  He served in Capt. Bronson's & Capt. Davis' Co's., New York Militia.  He was age 73 on 12 April 1871 (born circa 1798), and was a resident of Huntington, Gallia Co., OH.  He married Elizabeth McCumber at Cheshire, Gallia Co., OH 12 Mar 1818.
1-7.0889SO- 4,008 SC 5,260 & WO 35,111 WC 24,470
He filed from Niles, Berrien County, MI in 1871, at which time he was aged 76 years (b. ca 1795). He married his second wife, Anner Turrill at Shoreham, VT on 27 Aug 1867. He died 9 Aug 1875 at Ossian, Winneshiek, Iowa.

A copy of his marriage certificate in the files shows his place of birth to be Shoreham, VT and his parents were Hopkins and Elizabeth Rowley, and her parents were Jeremiah and Cinthia Turrill.

He had been a farmer, about five feet seven inches tall with black hair and eyes. He had Land Warrant No. 2213 issued and sent 15 Mar 1851.

1-7.0874 Index 5,612

SO- 12,101 SC- 21,998 & WO 43,372 WC 33,920. SIMEON ROWLEY.

He was born at Sharon, Litchfield County, CT. In 1813 he was age 22 (b. ca 1791). He married Lucy Hayward 15 Feb 1815 at the residence of Asa Hayward, father of Lucy, at the town of E. Bloomfield, by Rev. Julius Steele, Congregational minister. Simeon died 24 Feb 1884 at age 93 (b. ca 1791). Their son, Almon H. Rowley was born June 1829.

An affidavit of George H. Rowley, aged 20, grandson was included. Adeline Hayward, age 74 on 31 May 1884, who was married to Asa Hayward Jr. (dec'd at age 71) made an affidavit. She said she was 9 years old on 15 Feb 1815.

His residence was East Bloomfield, NY at the time of the pension award and he received an award of $12.95
Index 2,001

WO- 28,139 WC- 22,340. WALTER E. ROWLEY.

He died at Alford, MA 10 or 11 Dec 1867 aged 68 or 69 (b. 1798 or 1799). The widow's brief was filed by Att. Alex. S. Rowley, Hudson, Columbia Co., NY. His first marriage was to Nancy Winn, who died Sep. 1853 at Alford. On 10 Jan 1854, he married Margaret Winkler of Austerlitz, NY at Hudson NY at the Rhineback ME Church. On 9 March 1878, Margaret was age 75 (b. ca 1803), living at Hillsdale, Columbia Co., NY with her dau (?) Mrs. Wm. J. Winkler at North Hillsdale.
His residence was Alford, MA at the time of the pension award and he received an award of $58.00
1-7.2389SO- 12,102 SC- 7,147. WILLIAM ROWLEY. He was of Bloomington, Mclean Co., Illinois. On April 22, 1871 he was 75 (b. ca 1796), living at Padua, Il. He was born in the town of Kinderhook, Columbia Co., NY 12 Oct 1795. He came to Illinois in 1857, and died 27 Sep 1884 at St. Louis, Mo.

His son-in-law, Daniel Carroll, on June 22, 1898 made an affidavit in Mclean Co., IL. His wife was Laney Shaffer. They married at Kent, Columbia County, NY in Dec. 1817. On 8 Mar 1851, William Rowley, a resident of Chatham, NY testified and was age 55 (b. ca 1795).

(SO-15,245) (SC-5,054)WILLIAM ROWLEY. On 10 May 1871, he was 76 years old (b. ca 1795). He was a resident of Herrick, Bradford Co., PA. His wife was Hanna Spudd or S-udd, married at Montrose, PA 20 Mar 1818. His daughter was Mrs. Caleb Nouse, Stevensville, Bradford Co., PA. He was still alive 9 Sep 1887, aged 92. 

The black type above was provided by Tedd Rowley from his abstractions of the Pension records from files at the National Archives at Washington DC. 

Judy Bramlage added the text in brown from a Claims Award List for New York State (New Adjutant General's Office Albany, 1880)

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