To view Civil War pension card file, click on highlighted veteran's name.  Not all cards will contain an abstract.  Some files are held by other agencies, while some are "lost." If the surname is spelled other than "Rowley," it will be shown.


Veteran Spouse Unit State Spencer #
Francis E. None listed A111 NY Inf NY 4-4.086
Francis M. ROWLEE Adelia M. Butler
Margret N. Bogart
K8 Ohio Inf OH -----
Francis T. Susan S. Lansing A20 Mich Inf MI 1-7.1554/8.1
Francis W. Sarah Jane Boner O6 Ind Inf IN -----
Frank None listed B6 Ill Inf IL -----
Frank aka Rosanden ROWLEE Mary Harris
Alice Goodrich
  NY 1-7.1558/9.2
Frank Deborah Rose Torrey L50 NY Eng NY -----
Frank B. Mary P. [-----] B13 Minn Inf MN -----
Frank Carver Lenna B. Smith A1 Mich HA MI 2-7.3259
Frank J. Mary L. Vincent C8 Mich Inf MI -----
Franklin Roxcena Guthrie D194 Ohio Inf OH 1-7.0259/9.22
Fred None listed H33 US Inf US -----
Fred C. None listed C20 US Inf US -----
Fred E. None listed 106 US Coast US -----
Frederick A. Gina [-----] G49 Iowa Inf IA -----


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