To view Civil War pension card file, click on highlighted veteran's name.  Not all cards will contain an abstract.  Some files are held by other agencies, while some are "lost." If the surname is spelled other than "Rowley," it will be shown.


Veteran Spouse Unit State Spencer #
George David Susan Arnold A146 Ill Inf IL -----
George [Hiel] None listed B16 Mich Inf MI 1-7.0872/9.5 
George None listed G4 NJ Inf NJ -----
George Jane B. Kingston 2nd Batt VRC OH 1-7.0925/8.1
George Hetty E39 USC US -----
George A[lfred] Ellen G. Ham B150 Ill Inf IL  1-7.2389/8.5
George A. Lucie R. W. Wilson F2 US Inf US -----
George E. Sarah Emily Parker F27 Mass Inf MA -----
George F.
Lydia Sophia Dalrymple
Mary Sickler
G64 NY Vol
F210 PA Inf
George H. Nellie Thayer B5 Conn Inf CT -----
George Hiel Elsie C. Crawford G1 Mich Cav MI  1-7.0872/9.21
George H. Lucinda M. Jordan K86 NY Inf NY  1-7.0033/8.2
George H. None listed H160 NY Inf NY -----
George H. Martha E. (-----) E2 NY Cav
D14 VT Inf
George L. None listed L12 US Inf US -----
George M. None listed H4 Iowa Cav IA -----
George P. Charlotte E. H116 NY Inf NY -----
George W. Mary Jane Beckwith H10 Conn Inf CT -----
George W. Louisa Evans E132 Ill Inf IL -----
George W. Sarah Hill H26 Mich Inf MI  1-7.0947/8.3
George W. Kate A. Collins L Merrill MI -----
George W. Charlotte Emily Mayhew K14 NY HA NY -----
George W. Mother: Theresa Ruffner D78 PA Inf PA  8-4.055
George W. Martha Marley
Esther M. Ackerman
F3 US Inf WI  2-7.2641
George W. Lucy A. Walshart K33 Wis Inf WI 1-7.1014/8.1


Marry Sherrer B15 NJ Inf NJ -----
Gideon M. None Listed H77 NY Inf NY 1-0943/8.8
Grosvenor C. Elizabeth A. Davis K11 WVa Inf WVA 6-3.020


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