To view Civil War pension card file, click on highlighted veteran's name.  Not all cards will contain an abstract.  Some files are held by other agencies, while some are "lost." If the surname is spelled other than "Rowley," it will be shown.


Veteran Spouse Unit State Spencer #
Harrison None listed E28 Pa Inf PA -----
Harry alias
Harry C. Riley
Carrie E. [-----] D2 NY Inf NY -----
Harry A. alias
Harvey H.
None listed A19 US Inf US 1-7.2411/8.4
Harvey A. Augusta A. Becker L1 Mich Cav MI 1-7.1017/8.2
Hayden None listed A3 Ind Inf IN -----
Heman A. Sarah E. [-----] H12 Ill Cav IL 1-7.0014/9.10
Henderson D. ROWLEE Harriet E. Yonells 25I Ohio LA OH 1-7.1563/8.3
Henry Harriet A. Williams B50 NY Eng NY 1-7.0041/9.4
Henry Mariah McKinney B120 USC Inf IN -----
Henry B. Harriette Lanway K60 NY Inf NY 1-7.0308/8.1
Henry B. None listed M4 NY Art NY -----
Henry C. Margaret Irwin I6 Ind Inf IN None
Henry C. Sarah M. Morehouse
Lillian Lovett
F4 WVa Inf WVA 6-3.021
Henry E. None listed L1 Mich Cav MI 1-7.1017/8.3
Henry E. Margaret Ellen Bell A89 NY Inf NY 1-7.2389/9.13
Henry H. C. Louise Grant E7 Conn Inf CT 1-7.0662/8.7
Henry Kirk Minerva E. Ferguson I8 Mich Inf MI 1-7.1045/8.5
Henry M. ROWLEE Lucinda Clute D18 Wis Cav WI -----
Henry Rufus Lucy E. Kellogg C3 Mass Inf MA 2-7.3241
Herbert B. Emma A. Miller B34 Mass Inf  MA None
Hiram S. Julia E. Gardner K142 NY Inf NY 1-7.0652/8.3
Homer W. None listed B17 Mich Inf MI 1-7.0872/9.25
Horace None listed I4 US Inf US -----
Horace None listed K17 Vt Inf VT -----
Humphrey W. ROWLEE Amelia H. D38 Iowa Inf IA 1-7.1561/9.7


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