To view Civil War pension card file, click on highlighted veteran's name.  Not all cards will contain an abstract.  Some files are held by other agencies, while some are "lost." If the surname is spelled other than "Rowley," it will be shown.


Veteran Spouse Unit State Spencer #
Ralph aka Albert Ralph Malvina Burton C23 Conn Inf CT -----
Ralph A. Isabella [-----] B3 Mass Cav MA -----
Ransom M. Charlotte Lewis
Sarah Weldon
Cordelia Dinsmore
F5 Mich Inf MI -----
Reuben Mary Ford G75 Ill Inf IL -----
Reuben Eliza Jane Cline A89 Ill Inf IL 1-7.2305/8.1
Reuben None listed F4 US Artư US -----
Reuben Phoebe [-----]
Sarah J. [-----]
C13 VT Inf VT -----
Richard Harriet Butler A&D99 NY Inf NY Immigrant
Richard Eveline Sherman E1 NY Cav NY -----
Richard A. Helen [-----] D29 US Inf US -----
Robert Mary Sarah Sutton
Josephine Pickup
Eva Orelle Tyler
C58 Ill Inf IL -----
Robert Charlotte A. Wood I6 Mass Inf MA Immigrant
Robert Betsey Monroe A99 Pa Inf PA 1-7.0997/8.2
Robert Alice [-----]
Jenne (Jeanette) McTwiggam
F7 RI Inf RI -----
Robert Frances [-----] C130 USC Inf US -----
Robert Caroline Sanders G29 Wis Inf WI Immigrant
Robert Allison ROWLEE Abbie A. Everett C105 Ohio Inf OH 1-7.1562/9.1
Ronald E. None listed US Coast Artillery US -----
Russell Lucy Lord Bishop I7 Mich Inf MI 1-7.0727/8.1


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