To view Civil War pension card file, click on highlighted veteran's name.  Not all cards will contain an abstract.  Some files are held by other agencies, while some are "lost." If the surname is spelled other than "Rowley," it will be shown.


Veteran Spouse Unit State Spencer #
Samuel H. ROWLEE None listed H11 Ohio Cav OH -----
Samuel Eliza [-----] B129 Pa Inf PA -----
Samuel B. None listed D Lancers MI MI -----
Samuel K Elizabeth J. Rooks K11 Ill Cav IL -----
Sanford A. Mary C. Wells F22 Mich Inf MI 1-7.2411/8.3
Seely Brown Harriete Mays A42 Pa Inf PA 1-7.0041/9.3
Seth W. Kezia A. [-----] G211 Pa Inf PA -----
Sherman C. Frances Ellen Carter A42 Ohio Inf OH 1-7.0656/9.3
Shuble G. ROWLEE Mary Ann Penewell G1 Wis Cav WI -----
Silas H. None listed K169 NY Inf NY -----
Silas Romain Seba J. Albert D122 Wis Inf WI 1-7.1536/8.2
Simon Bruce Carrie Armstrong B4 Ohio Inf OH 1-7.0925/8.3
Simon T. Bridget McDermit A40 NY Inf NY 1-7.2495/8.3 ??
Solomon P. (Unnamed 1st wife)
Catherine Flood
K4 NY HA NY -----
Spencer Allen Cordelia S. [-----] A1 Mich HA MI 2-6.0544
Stephen N. None listed G30 Mich Inf MI -----


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