To view Civil War pension card file, click on highlighted veteran's name.  Not all cards will contain an abstract.  Some files are held by other agencies, while some are "lost." If the surname is spelled other than "Rowley," it will be shown.


Veteran Spouse Unit State Spencer #
Walter None listed D74 Ill Inf IL -----
Walter D. Mary E.  H5 Ohio Inf OH -----
Walter W. Louisa M. D11 Ill Cav IL -----
Warren Angeline M. A18 Mich Inf MI -----
Wesley Mary A. Richmond D88 Pa Inf PA 1-7.0044/8.1
William None listed C58 Ill Inf IL 1-7.1013
William None listed C90 Ill Inf IL -----
William Sarah Moore E37 Iowa Inf IA -----
William Emily Huffman I15 NJ Inf NJ -----
William Lucinda I84 NY Inf NY -----
William None listed K115 NY Inf NY -----
William Mariah Fuller
Frances Ellen Holmes
B&G 151 NY Inf NY 4-4.006
William Elizabeth Sophia Harvey C5 NY HA NY -----
William Elizabeth Wolfe K104 Pa Inf PA 1-7.0043/9.1
William Jr Catherine Riley E2 RI Inf RI -----
William Marian Towell
Ellen McDonough
Mary Agnes Rooney
D1 US Inf US Immigrant
William A. Mattie M. B5 Mich Inf MI -----
William Ellis Edith E. Fry K21 Ill Inf IL -----
William F. Aleatha A. [-----] E129 Ind Inf IN -----
William Fayette Adelaide Harriet Knight
Maria I. Orr
E1 Minn Inf MN 1-7.1057/8.2
William G. None listed H8 Calif Inf CA -----
William G. Mary L4 Ohio Inf OH -----
William H. None listed H7 Mich Cav MI -----
William H. Rebecca G24 NJ Inf NJ -----
William H. Catherine Lloyd G121 Ohio Inf OH -----
William H. aka William H. Roley  None listed E39 USC Ubf US -----
William H. Mehitable B. Jenks F8 Vt Inf VT -----
William James Gimmerson Hannah Blain D7 Ill Inf IL 1-7.2377/9.3
William P. Phoebe A. Davis
Mary A. Lewis
E77 Pa Inf PA 1-7.2307/8.1
William R. Diana Benedict G141 NY Inf NY 1-7.1018/9.1
William S. Julia M. [-----] B9 US Inf US  
William W. ROWLEE Mary Bovier A99 Penna Inf PA -----
William Wirt Alice Louisa Lee F28 NY Inf NY 1-7.1063/8.2
Wolcott ROWLEE Jennie M. Judson K103 Ohio Inf OH -----


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