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To find the name of a veteran, select the letter of the alphabet corresponding to the first initial of his given name. Click on that letter. That will bring up a list of Rowley soldiers, their wife's name, if any, their unit, the state from which they served, and their ancestral Spencer number. Those who served in a federal unit will have the letters US instead of a state.  To see the chart and pension abstract, click on the given name of the soldier,  and the abstract will appear.

To obtain copies of the material in the veteran's file from the federal Archives, you must make an application, described below.  You will need the information which appears on the card associated with the soldier.   It will show the full name of the soldier and the name of his widow, if any, or other dependents. If there are minors involved, the name will be that of the guardian. Below it shows the filing date, applicant, original application number, certificate number, and where shown, the state from which it was filed.

To obtain a copy of the pension file, application must be made to the National Archives in Washington, DC. You will need the full name of the veteran; his spouse, if any; his service; application and certificate numbers. If there are other numbers, it is critical that they be included as well.  The more information you supply, the better the chances of getting the correct soldier.

Obtain forms for requesting copies from the Archives, public libraries and Family History Centers.

Under the service is listed the company, regiment, the state from which served and the unit. Some of the abbreviations are as follows: Inf.=Infantry, Cav.=Cavalry, HA.=Heavy Artillery. Where there is an application number but no certificate number, it could be because the applicant passed away before the certificate could be filed.  If there is a widow's application, the date of filing will generally be close to the date the veteran passed away.

These reproductions were prepared from photocopies of microfilms at the National Archives in Washington, D.C., and by examining the documents in the veteran's file. This data is as accurate as could be done with poor photocopies, and abstracting a large number of files in a short period of time. Be aware that there are no microfilms existing of these files, and the only place they can be viewed are at the National Archives.  I will greatly appreciate it if anyone who determines corrections to this data should be made, would notify me so that I may make amends.  

(And for just a little variety, the Veteran Role for Illinois is provided separately.  It duplicates some of the pension records that are individually identified from the above menu.  Click Here for Illinois Veterans )

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