A. D. Rowley

(possibly Adian William Rowley)

On the front bottom of the photo is printed:

A. Potter, Photographer, Franklinville, NY

On the back is hand written:

A D Rowly, Farmersville, Catt.

"This photo is in my G-G-Grandmother's photo album. She was Amelia Metcalf Early. George Early lived in Yorkshire, Catt. Co, and married Amelia Metcalf of Centerville. They were born in 1841 & 1848 respectively. They were married 1869 in Pike. They moved to KS in about 1889 give or take a year. They first settled in Palco, Rooks County, KS where they kept the family farm till the 1950's. George Early had a sister, Nancy Jane Early (went by Jane or Jenny) who married Rathbun Follett and they too moved to Kansas and settled in Hazelton." 

Anyone who knows who the couple is, sees a family resemblance or has a clue, please write to Irene <irenesbox@msn.com> and Linda <SHELBYGMA@aol.com>.

Submitted by Irene Rowley