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Clarence H Rowley   Dick Jim & David Rowley   Ford Rowley
1-7.0872/10.062    1-7.0872/12.574,5,6   1-7.0872/10.059
Henry Hial Rowley   Jessie (Connor) Rowley   John T Rowlee & Henry Rowlee
1-7.0872/8.04       1-7.0872/8.07 & 1-7.0872/9.026
John Milton Rowley Family   Kenneth Rowley   Louis Elmore Rowley
1-7.0872/9.028   1-7.0872/11.172   1-7.0872/9.024
Marlyn Rathburn Grueber
& Carl Bennett Jr
  Newton Rowley   Pearl (Parlmiter) Rowley

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Last revised: February 06, 2017