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Subject: Curtiss Rowley Family
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 1996 20:46:09 -0700
From: "T. W. Rowley"

From the Genealogical Collection of Margaret (Rowley) Sterling, 4141 S.Braeswood #502, Houston, TX:

Contained in a personal letter dated June 25, 1958:

Curtiss ROWLEY - born in CT; married Anna Brailey - born in NY

Their children: (supposed to be in correct order)

  1. Nancy Ann, born Oct. 2, 1820, Erie County, NY, died Aug. 22, 1914, Oakland County, MI, married Nov. 3, 1842 in Lorain County, Ohio to Thomas Manson Farmer (son of John Farmer and Mary or Nancy Rowley Farmer)

  2. Sarah, born Erie County, NY, married Perry Percy (he fought in Civil War. They had 2 children.

  3. Amanda, born Erie County, NY, married Nelson Still (he fought in Civil War) They had 2 children.

  4. Mary Jane, born Erie County, NY, married (-----) Bimmus (he fought in Civil War). They had 3 children.

  5. Emily, born Erie County, NY, married John Coats. They had 4 children.

  6. Laura, born Erie County, NY, (she was a milliner in Washburn, OH), married Frank Kilburn/Kilbourne. They had 1 child.

NOTE: In 1838, the widowed mother, Anna (Brailey) Rowley, and the six daughters, moved to Camden Township, Lorain County, OH.

[Data on Nancy Ann from Mrs. Gordon W. Harrison, Sharon, PA. The data on the five sisters of Nancy Ann from Mrs. William E. Farmer, Rochester, MI.)

A further note

When... received the death certificate for Thomas Manson Farmer (Nancy Ann's husband), the names of his parents were listed as John Farmer, born in NY (this was known - he moved from Binghamton NY to Lorain Co., OH in 1834) and Mary or Nancy ROWLEY, born in PA.

It was impossible to tell from the writing whether it was "Mary" or "Nancy" - could be either one. It seemed too much of a coincidence that Thomas Farmer's mother and wife could both be named "Nancy Rowley," and at first I assumed that the son who furnished the information for Thomas' death certificate misunderstood the question and thought they wanted his own mother's (Nancy Ann Rowley Farmer). But after more thought, I realize that this possibility is unlikely - for he would KNOW that Nancy Ann was born in NY and not PA.

So - here's another Rowley in the picutre. Can't furnish any dates for her, but Thomas was born 1820. He may have been her only child. His father, John Farmer married a second time and had several daughters, Mary - and Sarah, who married a Gilbert or Gillian. John Farmer is supposed to have remained in OH and not followed Thomas and Nancy Ann to Michigan in 1852 or 1853.
Subject: Re: Thomas Rowley, b: 1652 in Simsbury, CT
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 1996 00:16:30 -0400
From: (Scott Filley, San Francisco)

Does anyone have any information regarding Thomas Rowley, b: 1652 in Simsbury, CT, m: May 5, 1669 in Windsor to Mary Denslow, d: May 1, 1705, Windsor, CT?

He is the earliest Rowley I have record of in my line:

Does anyone know of the parentage of Thomas or of any information regarding the above people?

Subject: James Norfleet Rowley
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 1996 07:47:33 -0500
From: (Lisa Monteith)

I am looking for any information concerning the family line of my great-grandfather James Norfleet Rowley. Details are sketchy - here's what I know: His father and mother were Benjamin and Katherine Hill Rowley and he was born in either Indiana or Virginia circa 1880. He moved to Louisiana in the early 1900's and married Pearlie Perkins Rowley. They had 7 children. He died in the influenza epidemic of 1919. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.

Subject: Town of Rowley, WI
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 1996 13:54:37 -0500 (CDT)
From: (Maureen Reed)

From "History of Manitowoc County" (WI), by Louis Falge:

"The bay along the shore in this vicinity was known as Sandy Bay, or Rowley's Bay, and that dangerous point upon which the famous government lighthouse is situated in section 16, town of Two Rivers, is still known as Rowley's Point, in honor of Peter Rowley, the first settler of the town, who built the first house, near the lake in section 31, as early as 1842. The town, too, when first organized on April 3, 1860, was named Rowley."

"In 1861 the name was changed to Two Creeks, for the following reason, stated in a petition signed by a number of the residents: 'In 1859 the town of Rowley was set off from Two Rivers and the question of subdivision submitted to the electors. In so determining the division, no opportunity was given the electors to express a preference of name, and the town was organized under the name of Rowley, which is obnoxious to the whole of the resident voters. At the last town meeting the electors unanimously voted to request your honorable body to change the name of Rowley, which is objectionable on account of personal association, to the name of Two Creeks.' "

Peter Rowley was my 4g-grandfather. I wonder what made him so obnoxious??
Subject: Our Beatitudes
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 1996 22:43:31 -0700
From: "T. W. Rowley"

Blessed are the great grandfathers who saved embarkation and citizenship papers. For they tell when they came.

Blessed are the great grandmothers who hoarded newspapers, clippings and old letters. For these tell the story of their time.

Blessed are the grandfathers who filed every document. For this provides the truth.

Blessed are the grandmothers who preserved family bibles and diaries. For this is our heritage.

Blessed are the fathers who elect officials that answer letters of inquiry. For to some this is the only link to the past.

Blessed are the mothers who relate family tradition and legends to the family. For one of their children will surely remember.

Blessed are the relatives who fill in family sheets, even with extra dates. For to them we owe the family history.

Blessed is any family whose members strive for the preservation of records. For theirs is a labor of love.

Blessed are the children who don't say, "Grandmother you told us that story twice today." For eventually they will remember.

Courtesy of Carolyn,
just an old Texas Gal
Subject: USGS GNIS Query Results: Rowley
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 1996 00:23:23 -0700
From: "T. W. Rowley"

U.S. Geological Survey - National Mapping Information

Geographic Names Information System Query Results: ROWLEY

43 Feature records have been selected from GNIS.

Feature Name State County Type Latitude Longitude USGS Map
Rowley Canyon CA Los Angeles valley 341601N 1181714W Sunland
Rowley Park CA Los Angeles park 335440N 1181854W Inglewood
Rowley Pond CT Litchfield lake 415734N 0730405W Winsted
Rowley IA Buchanan pop pl 422212N 0915038W Walker
Rowley Hill
IA Chickasaw cemetery 430337N 0922945W Ionia
Rowley Canyon ID Bannock valley 422335N 1121355W Downey West
Rowley Canyon ID Bear Lake valley 422704N 1111830W Georgetown
Rowley Creek ID Bannock stream 422346N 1121222W Downey West
Rowley Ranch ID Blaine locale 432054N 1142854W Magic Reservoir West
Rowley School LA St.Bernard school 295641N 0895840W Chalmette
Rowley MA Essex pop pl 424300N 0705245W Georgetown
Rowley Bridge MA Essex bridge 423736N 0705803W Georgetown
Rowley Burial
MA Essex cemetery 424247N 0705245W Georgetown
Rowley Hill MA Worcester summit 422702N 0714650W Sterling
Rowley Post
MA Essex post office 424258N 0705244W Georgetown
Rowley River MA Essex stream 424335N 0704900W Ipswich
Rowley, Town of MA Essex civil 424400N 0705300W Georgetown
Rowley Bay MD St. Mary's bay 380543N 0762304W Saint George
Rowley Cove MD Worcester bay 380444N 0752056W Boxiron
Rowley Creek MD Worcester stream 380456N 0752122W Boxiron
Rowley Mill
MD Worcester locale UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Rowley Church MI Ingham church 424139N 0841313W Webberville
Rowley MT Big Horn pop pl 454335N 1074629W Rowley
Rowley CB&O Number
1 Dam
MT Big Horn dam 454324N 1074618W Rowley
Rowley Mound OH Knox summit 402825N 0823235W Fredericktown
Rowley Run OH Columbiana stream 404211N 0804720W Gavers
Rowley Cabin
OR Umatilla spring 451650N 1184935W Granite Meadows
Rowley Gulch OR Wallowa valley 454417N 1164255W Fingerboard Saddle
Rowley Mine OR Douglas mine 424857N 1225634W Richter Mountain
Rowley Cemetery PA Indiana cemetery 404554N 0785252W Rochester Mills
Rowley Hill PA Bradford summit 415541N 0765057W Gillett
Rowley School
PA Indiana school 404920N 0785204W Burnside
Rowley UT Tooele locale 405411N 1124625W Craner Peak
Rowley Flat UT Emery flat 391957N 1110037W Red Point
Rowleys Mine UT Juab mine 394407N 1114832W Nephi
Rowleys Trailer
UT San Juan pop pl 375235N 1092030W Monticello North
Rowley Chasm WA Whatcom gap 484309N 1205008W Azurite Peak
Rowleys Chasm WA Whatcom locale 484250N 1205300W Crater Mountain
Rowley Bay WI Door bay 451305N 0870111W Sister Bay
Rowley Creek WI Sauk stream 432838N 0893822W Baraboo
Rowleys Bay WI Door pop pl 451311N 0870207W Sister Bay
Rowleys Bay
WI Door cemetery 451309N 0870252W Sister Bay
AND this list does not even include Rowley's Point in Manitowoc County, WI as described by Maureen Reed.

You know, it could be that some of those sites are ripe for a little extra research work!
Subject: Re: USGS GNIS Query Results: Rowley
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 1996 22:19:22 -0400
From: "Irene Rowley"

Yes I am almost positive the Rowley sites in Knox County, OH and Indiana County, PA are named after Rowely families...those counties were places that several branches of the family lived.

Knox County Ohio-descendents of Jonathan Rowley of Pittsford VT and/or Thomas Rowley, poet of Shorham VT.

Indiana County PA-descendents of a John Rowley of Plum Creek, Armstrong County, PA-unable to identify his ancestral line, but know many of his descendents.
Subject: USGS GNIS Query Results
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 1996 22:39:58 -0500 (CDT)
From: "Maureen Reed"

Peter Rowley is also responsible for the names of the places in Door County, WI, which is directly north of Manitowoc County, WI. It's the sharp islet sticking out into Lake Michigan, which is why you have Rowley's Bay, Rowley's Point, Rowley's Lighthouse, etc.

Subject: Ancestors of Matt Rowley
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 1996 21:58:56 -0700
From: "T. W. Rowley"

I have a correspondent who is a Captain in the air force stationed in England, who is trying to untangle some relationships and substantiate some data.

I have been unable to place these people in any family group. I am hoping one of the subscribers might find James Rowley as a member of a family you have recorded. Another possibility is the Bailey Family of Pennsylvania and perhaps Illinois.

The following excerpts from a recent e-mail message:

b: c.1816 Saratoga Co. NY
d: 11 Oct 1864 New Bern, SC

m:16 Dec 1846

b: 1822 PA
d: 18 Apr 1902 LeRoy, IL


Will A.

The information that we have on Emily and the marriage is from my Great-Uncle Clarence. The information on James comes from a copy of an Illinois State Archive Civil War Service Report. I have written to a couple of societies in Saratoga Co. seeking inform- ation about James' ancestors and they have found many listings for Rowley's in the area (esp. Stillwater) but nothing helpful.

From the lack of any James in the census informtion for Saratoga Co. I have concluded that his family must have left when he was young. The fact that his wife was from PA and that his daughter, Mary E., was born in Columbus, OH, also hints at this. While I have been in England I have looked into the possiblity that James ancestors came from here but I haven't found anything useful along those lines either. James served in the 39 Illinois Infantry and died (probably from dysentery) at New Bern Federal prison while he was serving there as a guard. His birth year is derived from the fact that he was 45 when he volunteered on 14 Sep 1861. The next bit is the tricky part...

Mary Elizabeth ROWLEY
b: 15 Sep 1847 Columbus, OH
d: 25 Jan 1929 Bloomington, IL

m. John ISAAC
d: 1873 Rock Island, IL



The story of Mary and John is where the thing gets cloudy. According to my Great-Uncle Clarence, John Isaac was killed in a Mississippi River bridge collapse in 1873, his son, George Perry Isaac, was adopted by his maternal Grandmother, Emily BAILEY ROWLEY, giving him the name George Perry ROWLEY. I have written the Rock Island Historical Society and they told me that there was no bridge collapse (ever) but in 1873 a young Dane named Schwenski was killed when he fell from the old rail bridge which was being taken down that year.

My Uncle John has always had a remembers hearing a different story from other relatives when he was growing up. John thinks that John Isaac was an actor in the Rock Island/Moline area. The reply I got from the Rock Island society says that their search of the city directories from 1868 to 1876 found a Miss Rowley, Miliner, and an Isaac Isaacs, dealer in liquors.

A time line sketch of all the players is useful here. Clarence was born in 1903 and his father, George P., died when he was 6. His Grandmother, Mary Elizabeth, the central character of this drama, died when he was 26, and his mother died when he was 42 so the majority of the story had to be either from his Grandmother or his mother. It is clear from the facts (such as they are) that there are some errors in the story. Perhaps there was a bridge collapse elsewhere and they've just gotten the location wrong.

George Perry ROWLEY
b: 11 Aug 1868 LeRoy, IL
d: 9 Apr 1909 Lebanon, KY or TN

m: 17 Apr 1895

Anna Maude COOPER
b: 20 Oct 1868 Farmer City, IL
d: 6 Apr 1945 Kansas City, MO


Will Perry b:14 Jul 1898 - d:1957
Roy Delbert b:22 May 1901 - d:6 Sep 1968
Clarence Edmond b: 5 Sep 1903 - d: 1990s

George Perry is reported to have been a presbyterian minister and newspaper editor in LeRoy, Il. How he came to die in either KY or TN is a mystery.

Please! Can anyone help?
Subject: Henry B. Rowley pension file
Date: Wed, 04 Sep 1996 21:14:53 -0700
From: "T. W. Rowley"

From the National Archives

State of New York
County of St. Lawrence } SS

On this 14th day of January A.D. 1867, personally appeared before me William Roote Surrogate of said County-- Daniel Delong, a resident of DeKalb in the county of St. Lawrence and State of New York, aged 27 years, who being duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the Second Section of the Act of Congress increasing the pensions of widows and orphans, approved July 25, 1866--

That he is the guardian of Emma Jane ROWLEY and Adelbert Bateman ROWLEY, whose father, named Henry B. ROWLEY, was a private in Company "K" of the 60" Regiment of New York Volunteers in the war of 1861--

That the said Henry B. ROWLEY died at Winchester in the State of Virginia on or about the 8th day of July in the year 1862 of Typhoid Fever--

That the mother of the children aforesaid again married, being now the wife of Daniel Delong, on the 6th day of November in the year 1865, and that the dates of the birth of the said minor children were as follows, to wit,

Emma Jane Rowley, Born on the 5th day of May AD 1858.

Adelbert Bateman Rowley. Born on the 25th day of May AD 1861.

He further declares that the parents of the said minor children were married at Hammond in the county of St. Lawrence and State of New York on the 8th day of August, in the year 1857 by Reverend Joel J. Emmes, a Protestant Methodist Clergyman, and that the maiden name of their mother was Harriet Lanway.

My Post Office address is DeKalb St. Lawrence County, New York.

Daniel Delong

Also personally appeared Henry Thompson and Lewis Lanway residents of St. Lawrence County in the State of New York, persons whom I certify to be respectable and entitled to credit, and who being by me duly sworn say that they were present and saw Daniel Delong sign his name to the foregoing declaration. . .

This document illustrates the importance of NOT overlooking that rich source of genealogical data, the National Archives. One should not be limited to only looking at pension documents of our direct ancestor, but of anyone in that family, such as the husband of a sister, or of brothers, etc.

This particular document shows the full names of the two orphaned children, their birth dates, the father's death date and place, the widow's maiden name, the date and place of her first marriage and the clergyman who officiated, and then the date of re-marriage and the name of her new husband
Subject: Cicero Rowley
Date: Wed, 04 Sep 1996 23:01:12 -0700
From: "Chari S. Leitch"

I am looking for any information on the ancestors of Cicero Rowley born in l840 in the Elmira, New York area.

Additional data provided by Ms. Leitch indicated Cicero was born 31 Jan 1840 near Elmira OR Corning (which is in Steuben County).
In June 1997, a message was sent to Ms. Leitch suggesting that her Cicero Rowley was probably the son of Almon and Edith (Herrick) Rowley. Their son, Cicero, was born about1840 accoring to census documents; birthplace not stated. There were eleven children in Almon's family, and those whose birthplaces were identified were born in Steuben County.

Subject: Rev. Samuel Rowley & offspring; Thomas Rowley, the poet
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 1996 10:42:11 -0700
From: "T. W. Rowley"

From an August 25, 1982 Letter in my files:

1. The Rev. Samuel ROWLEY - born about Feb. 3, 1784, since he died Dec. 30, 1864, age 80 y 10 m 27 d - Middle Granville Cem. data.

The Rowley Family, written (hired) by E. M. Rowley in New Orleans, claims him to be the son of Daniel, b. 1759, Revolutionary war vet., and Phebe Miller (line of Henry> Moses> Shubael> Shubael> Matthew> to him, Daniel>. According to this, he is not a grandson of Thomas...

Anyway, back to Samuel. He was a Baptist minister, organizing churhes in Vermont before 1820. In 1820, 1830 and 1840 he was at Granville, Washington County, NY. His first wife, Mehitable Needham did die when you say; in 1838 Samuel and Phebe S. Rowley were listed as members of the North Granville Baptist Church.

I have a Samuel I believe to be the same man listed in the 1850 census as a farmer at Batavia, Kane Co., IL; b. 1784, Vt., wife Phoebe I., b. c. 1791, NH.

An old query in the DAR Magazine, Vol. 57, p. 689, says that he died at Batavia, 30 Dec. 1864 - also that he m'd. 2nd, Phebe Buel Smith, b. 1791, d. 1852, dau. of Daniel Buel and wife Eunice, dau. of Elias and Eunice Allen Bascom. (No Rowleys in 1860 census for Batavia.)

Now, Children of Samuel:

a. Calvin Needham ROWLEY, b. Jan. 16, 1806, Granville, d. 1869, Brazil

... he attended Union College, Schenectady; changed his name to be known thereafter as Charles N. Rowley. The whole history of this man and his descendants runs to about 30 pages.

b. Minerva Emily ROWLEY, b. about April 9, 1808, wife of Geo. Chandler (Middle Granville Cem.: d. Nov. 24, 1831, age 23-7-15.)

c. From 2nd marraige

Harriet M. ROWLEY, b. about 1831, NY

(living in the other half the same house in Batavia, Il, in 1850, with husband G(eorge) W(ashington) Nichols, b. ca 1819, Md., a farmer, and their child, Charles E. NICHOLS, 6/12, b. Miss. (The Charles N. Rowley book adds that she later owned and sold Woodbourne plantation to Eugenia Soria Rowley, Charles N's 2nd wife.)

(other possible ch. in Batavia 1850, but working out for other families: Henry, b. ca 1831, NY, and Emeline, b. ca. 1830, NY.)

2. unimportant data

3. Thomas(5) ROWLEY - the poet - (Henry> Moses> Moses> Samuel). I have substantially what you do.

Under Reuben Rowley, 1751-1833, the copy of a Bradford Co., Pa., history adds names of sons, Seth and Samuel.

Question before I close: Who is the Thomas S. Rowley, age 32, carpenter, b. Vt., who appears in Middlebury, Addison Co., VT, in 1850.
Subject: Will of Jonathan Rowley
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 1996 22:45:55 -0700
From: "T. W. Rowley"

Jonathan Rowlee

21 December 1769

In the Name of God Amen.

I Jonathan Rowley of Kent in Litchfield County Being of Sound Mind & memory & calling to mind the Mortality of this Body knowing that it is Appointed for Man once to Die Do theirfore on this 21st Day of December AD 1769 Make & ordain my Last Will & Testament in Words Following that is to say Viz---

Imprimus I give & Bequeath my Body to the Dust to be Buried By my Executor Hereafter Named By Decent Christian Burian hoping at the General Judgement to Receive it again by the Almighty Power of God and as to Such Worly Goods which it has Pleased the Almighty Lord to Bless me With I Do Give & Dispose of them as Follows

First of all.. I Give unto Dorothy my Well Beloved Wife one feather Bed and the furnature Belonging theirunto one Chest & my Largest Bible & her Subsistance in Meat Drink & all the Clothing Which She Now has & to be furnished with all for her Neadful apparil in Case her Preasant apparil Should Not be Sufficient During her Case the Will Except this Legasy in Lew of her Thirds & Dowery in Case she Will not then for her to have her Third & Dowery in Lew of this Legasy.

Item I give unto my Loving Daughters Anna Huldah & Abigail all my Household Goods or Ind one Movables Except Which is above Given to their Mother to be Equally Divided Between them...

Item as I have already Given to my Sones Semion Jonathan Levi & Judah their full & Just Portion of my Estate I Do theirfore Give all the Rezidew of any Estate unto my Son Jonathan Isachar Rowley Both Real & Personal and in case my sd Wife Shall not accept the above Legacy in Lew of her thirds & Dowery then I give articals to Jonathan and in Case She Dose then accept the Same in Lew theiroff then I order that P Isachar Provide for her Subsistance in Meat Drink & Clothing During her Widowhood and all other Nesisary apparril in Case her ----- and apperil Should Not bee suffisiant during her Widowhood I Do order my son Isachar to pay all my Just Debts & Funeral Charges out of his ---oppen Estate in Case my Wife Shall accept the above Legacy in Case Not then to be Paid out of my Estate by my Executor Hereafter named before my Division or Distribution thereof--

Item I Make Ordain & Appoint my Beloved Son Issachar to Be the Sole Executor of this Will Revoking all other Wills and Retestifying and Confirming this and only this to bee my Last Will and Testament.

my hand and Seal on the Day of the Date above Written Signed Sealed Published & Pronounced In the Preasants of---


            Jonathan        X     Rowle       (SEAL)

Abel Wright
Cyrus Marsh

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