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Date: 30-Aug-97 06:59 AM
Name: Marge Kukuwich
Subject: John and Asa Rowley

John and his wife Martha Farnsworth went to California around 1905, we have a few letters from him I would like to know his death date and also his wife Martha's. Asa and his wife Hutchison Smith Rowley also went to California I am not sure when I also would like their death dates. John and Asa were the sons of John and Sophia Ellithorpe Rowley. Thanks

Date: 21-Aug-97 07:25 AM
Name: Marge Kukuwich
Subject: Connecticut Rowleys

I have been told that there are Massachusetts Rowleys and Connecticut Rowleys, is this true and they said the American Rowleys are not directly related. The relation happens in the 1200-1300 in England. We are looking for the Thomas Rowley of Connecticut.. There is confusion concerning his connection with Moses in the Henry Rowley grouping. Do you have more resources for us to make this a definite connection. Thanks for all your help so far. We are sure of our connection with the Connecticut Rowleys. Thanks again

Hello again. That may be true that the Windsor, CT people and the East Haddam, CT people for instance, may be of different branches dating back to the middle ages. I have had no contact with anyone who KNOWS that fact for sure. There are a number of "branches," as we call them in the United States. We call the descendants of Henry Rowley, Planter of Plymouth, Branch #1 and it has the most numerous descendants. The descendants of Thomas of Windsor are being called Brach #2. There are those who say Thomas was another son of Henry, but offer no documentation. Until we have it in hand, we will track them separately. Ernst Spencer, publisher of The Rowley Researcher, has identified over twenty such branches. To be a "branch" there must be more than one generation, with living descendants. We expect that, perhaps because of internet exposure, one day we will be able to join one or more of these branches. We are close to it on several. Have you considered joining the online Rowley discussion group ?
-Tedd Rowley

Rowley Genealogy ../
Please join our free ROWLEY Family Discussion Group, send e-mail to Majordomo@usroots.com. On the first line of text, enter: subscribe rowley-family. Problems are opportunities in disguise.

Date: 19-Aug-97 07:50 AM
Name: Marge Kukuwich
Subject: Eliza Rowley

When we visited Nauvoo, Illinois on the memory wall by the river where they crossed to go to Utah was a list of names that died on the way. The name Eliza Rowley was listed, I have inquired at my local LDS, but no luck. Could you help me with who she is, parents, husband or etc. Thanks

From OUR PIONEER HERITAGE, compiled by Kate B. Carter. Daus. of Utah Pioneers, Salt Lake City, 1971. Volume 16, page 443. 1856- The Year of the Handcart Companies. Eliza Rowley was b. in the year 1823 in Suckley, Worcester, Engl. to William Rowley Jr. and Ann Taylor Rowley. There were 7 ch. in this fam., three bros. & three sisters. Her mother d. when she was very young. She was about 12 when her father m. Ann Jewell, who loved Eliza as her own. Father killed when wagon tipped, 14 Feb. 1848. Eliza d. Oct 1856 on the way to Zion.
--Tedd Rowley

Date: 14-Aug-97 01:32 PM
Name: Marge Kukuwich
Subject: Asa Rowley

son of John and Sophia (Ellithorpe) Rowley traveled with his family to Nauvoo, Ill then came with his family to Wis in 1848 settled in Caledonia, Columbia county, Wisconsin married Hutchison Smith in Portage, Wisconsin lived in Quincy, Adams Co., Wis moved to Minnesota and Later I believe to California. Looking for information on his California residence and his children. Where he died and anything on his children.

Welcome. I have the John and Sophia (Ellithorpe) Rowley family. Of course, many of the families passing through Nauvoo were Mormons, and we find Asa's sister, Celestina in Utah. Might not Asa and his family have joined them there. I have siblings Celestina, James, Sophia, Cyrus, Loran, John, Emily Amelia, Henry Longdon, and George Washington Rowley. Celestina married Samuel Marble, but I record both died in Mina, Chautauqua Co., NY. So, there are two clues. I have no descendants for the balance of the family.
Tedd Rowley

Date: 01-Aug-97 05:24 PM
Name: Doris J. Rowley
E-mail: Donidor
Subject: Waldo Rowley's wife Elizabeth Reilly

Have been trying to learn where elizabeth was born in Ireland with no success. If anyone has any info, we would appreciate receipt of same. Thank you.

Date: 30-Jul-97 05:34 PM
Name: Irene Rowley
Subject: Rowley Records - Eastern Mass, eastern CT, western NY

I will be compiling Rowley source records from Kent (CT), Sharon (CT), Great Barrington (MA), Amenia (NY) and Canaan (NY), where many of the Rowleys came from, between 1740s and 1800. This includes "The Oblong" region of NY. I am looking for church records, vital records, land records, cemetery records from those townships. If you have copies to share from those townships, I would appreciate it. So far, I have Rowley records from the Canaan Congregational Church, and Amenia Church (non-denominational).

Date: 21-Jul-97 05:44 PM
Name: R. Etter
Subject: Julius Rowley

Looking for info on JULIUS ROWLEY, b. 1844 in MO(?) or VT(?) died 1870 in St. Joseph, MO. Mother was Sarah E. Wilson. Married Mary Jane Purkett in 1867 In St Joseph, MO.

Date: 20-Jul-97 05:06 PM
Name: Judy Bramlage
Subject: New Query

David Rowley was born on 6 September 1755 at Kent, Litchfield, CT. He died before 11 November 1830 at Rensselaer Co., NY. One son was Isaac Rowley. He was born circa 1784 and died on 7 March 1836 at Painted Post, Steuben Co., NY. Who was David's wife/Isaac's mother? Who was Isaac's wife?

I have a genealogy furnished to me without documentation that shows the name of David's spouse as "Ann Neal ?" I know this is of little use without documentation, but a clue might be helpful.

Date: 11-Jul-97 08:13 PM
Name: Dave Morehouse
Subject: Nathan and Anna (---) Rowley


I have been working for years (off and on) on reconstructing the family of Nathan Rowley (1754-1833), son of Thomas Rowley (the poet) and Lois Cass. He was born in Kent, Litchfield Co., CT, lived in Danby and Shoreham, VT and Crown Point, NY, moving to Tioga Co., PA in the early 1800s. His wife was Anna (---). I have identified the following children; family tradition, passed along to me by a distant cousin who still lives in the Twin Tiers area, is that they had 7 or 8 children:

1. Nathan Rowley, Jr., b ca 1787 in VT. Perhaps the man of that name who in 1818 exercised a War of 1812 warrant for land in IL. A ca 1840 Tioga Co., PA deed to his (presumed) nephew, Nathan Rowley Gillett, lists him as of Vanderburgh Co., IN.,

2. Ziba Rowley (fam tradition: twin), b 1791 in VT (probably Shoreham), m 1810 in Tioga Co., PA to Aaron Gillett

3. Zuba Rowley (fam tradition: twin), shown in Troy, PA church records in 1823 as "Zuba Allen".

4. Ichabod Rowley, b ca 1794, d 14 Dec 1877 in Southport, Peoria Co., IL. Took patents on Peoria Co. land from U.S. government in 1836-1838. Married Celia ---. Youngest son, Nathan B. Rowley, was a private in the 8th Missouri Volunteer Infantry (Union) and was killed at Vicksburg.

5. (perhaps) Mary (Polly)-- see Bill Kerber's query.

Anyone else interested in this family? By the way, Nathan's gravestone, which has been virtually destroyed by floods along Canoe Camp Creek in Tioga Co., once clearly identified he an his wife as original settlers at Larabee's Point, Shoreham, and stated that it was erected in their memory by their children--implying at least some hung around the Canoe Camp, PA area. We know for certain Ziba Gillett did; she died there in 1859. Dave Morehouse

An abstract of the American Revolution pension file is contained in the Rowley Registry at:


That record shows his wife was Anne and the date of death, and seems to indicate he was born in 1758, but the other facts seem to fit.

Date: 08-Jul-97 08:06 PM
Name: Phyllis Lillie
Subject: New Query: Scotish Rowleys

Tho your lines seem to be all about USA based Rowley Family Lines I am wondering if anyone has info on a different Rowley Line that is Scottish based. My husbands line is: My husband-John Lillie His father: Thomas Rowley Holtum Lillie b.1907 Hawaii His parents: Thomas Holtum Lillie b. 1869 Glasgow, Scotland Florence Stewart Rowley b.1868 Glasgow, Scotland Her parents: Thomas Charles Rowley Glasgow, Scotland His Father: Horace Rowley Thanks lillie@alaska.net

Thank you, Phyllis for your posting. If more people from the international community would post queries, we would have more such interaction. I do not have an answer for you, but I hope someone will respond.

Date: 07-Jul-97 08:34 AM
Name: Roselyn Rowley
Subject: Lineage

My father was David Rowley. He married my mother Ella Mae Ramsey in OH, they had me, Roselyn Rowley. My father then moved to CA and remarried and had my brother, David Jr. I was just beginning to start my own family tree and wondered if maybe you could help. Anything you might have would be of use. My mother divorced him when I was young so I never really knew him, and since he has passed on I have no leads. I was born 10-7-54 in OH. David Rowley died 05/84. Please send me anything you may have. Thank you Roselyn Rowley

Hello Roselyn. We need to have more information, if you have it. Is your mother alive? Do you have any of their documents, or know where to get them? For instance, where did they marry? Marriage records can be obtained by close kin. Where did David Sr. die? In the county of his death, request a copy of his death certificate which should list his parents. I checked the Social Security death records and found only one David Rowley who died in 1984. His social security number was 503-07-5022 and was issued in South Dakota. He was born 21 December 1918 and died April 1984. Please send an e-mail message directly to me, Tedd Rowley. Good luck!

Date: 04-Jul-97 08:59 AM
Name: Frances Magrabi
Subject: Ancestry of Lorenzo Rowley

Am seeking ancestry of Lorenzo Rowley, born Jan. 15, 1810, in Painted Post, NY. Alternatively, does anyone have information about Abijah Rowley, who was probably Lorenzo's father? According to Census data, Abijah lived in Painted Post from 1810-40.

According to family group sheets provided to me by Ernst Spencer, ernsts@juno.com, Lorenzo and Electa (Hazelton) Rowley were the parents of at least nine children: Ambrose Harmon, William Fayette, Orinda Forward, Mary Kent, Edward Abijah, Charles Myron, Adelaide Jane, Erastus Marion, and Brainard Kent. Please contact me or Ernst Spencer for further details.

Date: 30-Jun-97 11:08 PM
Name: Nancy Rowley
Subject: Other descendants of Henry Rowley / Hannah Griffith Yount

Looking for others from the Henry and Hannah line. Henry was born March 16, 1831 in Indiana, Pennsylvania and died 1910 in Kansas, Hannah was born Dec. 15, 1824. Their children were: James (b. 1848), Carlina (b.1852), Mattey (b. 1853), Daniel (b. 1855), Katie Ann (b. 1858), Trissa (b. 1860), and John H. (b.1862) . I am descended from James, would like to find others. Thank you, Nancy

Date: 30-Jun-97 10:11 PM
Name: Pam Pedlow
Subject: Mercy Rowley b. 1691

Looking for information of Mercy Rowley, b. 1691 (daughter of Nathan Rowley and Mercy Hatch) married John Pickett. Pam Pedlow HiPunky@aol.com -or- PedlowP@ns1.brevard.k12.fl.us

Mercy Rowley, b. Falmouth Aug. 1691; d. Guilford CT ? 26 Sep 1755. She m. 5 Nov 1716 Samuel Stone, b. Guilford 25 Aug 1685; d. Guilford 4 Feb 1756. The Mercy Rowley who m. John Pickett, did so in Jan 1732. Mercy (Rowley) Stone gave birth to her last child, Sarah, 20 Aug 1732. The Mercy you seek may be Mercy Rowley, dau of Shubael Rowley, b. 30 April 1710. The Mayflower Families book, Vol. 4, 2nd ed., p. 89 calls her "Mary," but all others call her "Mercy or Marcy." -Tedd Rowley

Date: 30-Jun-97 09:34 PM
Name: Kathi Patterson
Subject: C. LYMAN ROWLEY 1830-1911

My g-g-grandfather, C. LYMAN ROWLEY, was born 18 MAR 1830 in Bath, Steuben Co., NY, moved to Iowa, Chickasaw Co., where he married MARY ANN THURMAN, c. 1854. My question is: what does the "C" in his name stand for? His eldest daughter, Estella, is listed in the first census after her birth as "Clysteia" Estella. Any clue?

Date: 30-Jun-97 04:49 PM
Name: Russ Woodward
Subject: William Rowley

Searching for information and/or descendants of William Rowley b. 1747. He came to America (Baltimore) from England abt 1770. William removed to Allegheny Co. Pennsylvania in 1780 and died there about 1835. He and his wife Sophia (Lesnett) had the following children all born in Allegheny Co., PA : George, John, Rebecca, Francis, Christian, and Gabriel. Thanks


Thanks, Russ

Date: 30-Jun-97 03:36 PM
Name: Fred Baine
Subject: Beulah Rowley

I am looking for information about the biological mother of my father. My father was adopted and the only information I have is that he was born on June 3, 1929 in New Orleans, La. My mother remembers seeing some document that stated his mother's name was Beulah Rowley. I have searched your web page and did not find that name. I would be grateful if you could send me any information you might have or point me in a direction where I could find information. My father died of cancer in Jan. 1995 and I did not find out he was adopted until after his death. Thank you in advance.

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