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Date: 04-Mar-98 07:43 AM
Name: Dawn Demmon
Subject: ROWLEY, Demmon
I am researching the DEMMON family name. I see your Spencer #1-7.0652 and !-7.0652/8.007 are both named Demmon ROWLEY. Could you tell me your sources, or better yet, who their mothers' were. Thank you in advance.


Date: 04-Mar-98 04:48 AM
Name: Kenneth Whittemore
Subject: Mary Fuller wife of Moses Rowley
Query #1020 9-1-96 and answer talk about a line of descent from Henry Rowley to John Rowley. The answer dated 9/24/96 by Ernst Spencer lists descent with wife of Moses(5) Rowley as MARY FULLER. I would appreciate any info about this MARY FULLER and her ancestors. I am also interested in ancestry of Anna Richmond wife of Aaron(6) Rowley. I am descended from Aaron and Anna (Richmond) Rowley's daughter Anna ROWLEY who married Thomas LEADBETTER. Ken Whittemore Naples, Italy My correct address in kwhittemore@nah10.med.navy.mil


Date: 03-Mar-98 06:30 PM
Name: James A. Thompke
Subject: Betsy Rowley
Presently trying to determine who the parents were for my ancestor, Betsy Rowley who married Moses S. Bowdish on 23 March 1818. Born:(her)16 April 1800/(him)5 July 1797 Gedpage: http://www.bayside.net/users/kbowdish/moses/fam00001.htm


Date: 02-Mar-98 10:24 AM
Name: John McKenzie Panagos
Subject: New Query
My Great-Grandmother was Sarah Rowley, born December, 1862 in England (according to U.S. census information), or Scotland (according to my grandmother's birth certificate). She married William Henry McKenzie (probably in England, Kent?) in either 1889 or 1890. They came to America in 1891 and settled in Pompton Lakes, N.J., later moving to Paterson, N.J. They had five children, the first being my grandmother Natalie Mae McKenzie, born May 5, 1896. Any connections out there? I have someone working on the English side, and I am working on this side. Thanks.


Date: 10-Feb-98 08:44 AM
Name: phil ellsworth
Subject: Elizabeth Rowlee, Middletown, Ct
Who was the Elizabeth Rowlee who married Nathaniel Robinson in November, 1727 in Middletown? Children Nathaniel, Wheaton, Azubah, Hannah, and Issacher are listed in the baptisms of the First Society, Colchester. This family later went to Carmel, Putnam Co., NY.


Date: 09-Feb-98 05:53 AM
Name: Douglas Spaulding
Subject: Playwrights William and Samuel Rowley related
I am interested in knowing if our American Rowleys are related to the English playwrights William Rowley and Samuel Rowley. Both were writing in the time of Shakespeare. Has anyone looked into our English connection, if so, what have they found? Douglas Spaulding Chautauqua New York


Date: 05-Feb-98 07:43 PM
Name: Ted T Taylor
Subject: Job Rowley Family> Marion co, MS
Researching ROWLEYs in Marion co, Mississippi 1 Job Rowley + Mary Loher 2 William Rowley + Wealthy ??? 3 Jobe Rowley + Mary Ann Pittman 4 Celia Rowley 4 Mattie Rowley 3 Elizabeth C Rowley b1829 + R R Turnage 3 Hanceford Rowley + Rosean Lott Ted T Taylor 128 Pine Ridge Rd Columbia,MS 39429


Date: 11-Jan-98 11:09 PM
Name: Larry Knarr
Subject: ROWLEY: Knox Co., Ohio
Rufus W. ROWLEY married Mary KNERR Jul 20, 1867 in Knox Co., OH. Who were his parents? Does anyone have any idea if this couple had descendants? I have an extensive list of Mary's ancestors I will share. Thanks.


Date: 01-Jan-98 10:14 PM
Name: Gordon Leo Rowley
Subject: Ancestory
Gordon Leo Rowley (b.p.) Elrose, Saskatchewan, Canada 1950 >Leo Almeren Rowley (b.p.) Sheridan, Redwood County, Minnesota, U.S.A. 1902 >Glen Rowley (Farmer), (b.p.) Michigan, U.S.A. 1878 Thank You for any information aiding in my search


Date: 19-Dec-97 11:51 AM
Name: Ronald E. Rowley
Subject: Ancestors of Charles A. Rowley
I am looking for any information regarding the ancestors of CHARLES A. ROWLEY b. 1860 est.He had two brothers SAMUEL ROWLEY (believed to be older) who went westward and was never heard from and a younger brother TIMOTHY ROWLEY who, at some time, moved to Washington, D.C. Charles m. JENNIE GRIFFIN and while residing in and around Big Flatts, N. Y. had five children: ROY, EDITH, GRACE, MARGUERITE and LAURENCE McKINLEY ROWLEY, my father.


Date: 03-Dec-97 07:39 PM
Name: Richard Rowley
Subject: James Rowley
I am seeking information about James Rowley. He came from England in 1848 with my great grandfather, Robert (his brother). Robert (born 1820 in Rawcliffe, England) settled in Hillsboro, Wi., but none of my family knows where James went. Any answers or advice would be greatly appreciated. Richard Rowley Fort Atkinson, Wis.


Date: 03-Dec-97 06:28 PM
Name: Arlene Obertance
Subject: Rowley/Roley
I am searching information on Rowley/Roley's from Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, PA and Columbiana Co, Lisbon, OH. I am a descendant of John & Lydia Rowley. Their son Alexander Cyrus was b. 1826 d. Mar 25, 1877, md Martha Adda Forbes b. 1839 d. 1923. They had nine children: John Wesley 1861 - Oct 7, 1890, William Gabriel 1865 - 1940/42 (md Sarah P. 1873-1957), Flora Belle 1866 - 1929, Mary Venetta (Called Nettie) 1868 - ?, Lydia Frances 1869 - 1953, Cyrus Alexander Nov 5, 1873 - Nov 2, 1940, Joseph Elver 1875 - 1900, Martha Adda 1875 - ?, Harry Linsey 1876 - 1960. My grandfather Cyrus Alexander md Mabel Benner May 15, 1912 b. Aug 30, 1889 d. Mar 14, 1969. They had five daughters: Lucille Ethel b. Apr 17, 1914, Charlene Mae b July 10, 1920, Janet Erma b. May 22, 1922, Evelyn b/d June 1924, Shirley Ann b. Dec 12, 1928. I have more info on the four daughters marriages, children, etc.Some of the family lived in Pittsburgh, PA and some lived outside of Lisbon, OH. Some spelled their name Roley. The story is that there was a large windfall to come but the name had to be spelled a certain way.

I have the marriage of Martha Forbes to Alexander Rowley 17 Nov 1859 in Columbiana Co., Ohio. I have none of their descendants. However, I have John and Lida (Anderson) Rowley and their seven children: Sarah, who m. John Roseberg; John Vance; Catherine; Rebecca, who m. William Todd; Nancy, who m. Jesse Phillips; your Alexander; and Alizannah.
John Rowley was the son of William and Sophia (Lesnett) Rowley, who were the parents of nine children. William was born 1747 in England and died in Slippery Rock Creek, Butler Co., PA. Supposedly, William was a twin of another John and were supposed to be children of an English lord. The story goes that John went to India where he was made Governor by King George 3rd. HOWEVER, one of our researchers, also a descendant, made inquiry and was able to determine that John Rowley indeed went to India, first as a clerk, and later was made Postmaster. Despite a number of inquiries, he has been unable to confirm that William and John were children of nobility, or even who their parents were.

The Genealogy of Christian Lesnett by Daniel M. Bennett, Bridgeville, PA, page 50-51 is the source of the above information. I have more details, which I will be happy to pass on to you. The researcher is not part of the group at present. If I can locate his snail-mail address, you may wish to correspond with him. He did a considerable amount of research relating to these Pennsylvania Rowleys.

If you have more details on the family members as listed, I would be pleased to receive it and incorporate it into the Rowley database we are building.
Tedd Rowley


Date: 19-Dec-97 11:51 AM
Name: Ronald E. Rowley
Subject: Ancestors of Charles A. Rowley
I am trying to find any information about my grandfather, Laurence McKinley Rowley b.8/31/1896 in or near Corning, NY and his father Charles Arthur(?) Rowley c.1855.Laurence had one brother, Roy, and three sisters- Edith, Grace and Margeurite.Charles was married to Jenny Griffin, and his brothers were Samuel and Timothy. I have seen many of these names repeatedly on the various internet resources, but don't yet have enough information to piece anything together. Any information would be very helpful.


Date: 25-Nov-97 12:00 PM
Name: Paul H. Rowley
Subject: Famliy
I would like any information of Rowleys from the Ireland. My family is from South Dakota and settled about 1875.


Date: 25-Nov-97 02:21 AM
Name: Ken Whittemore
Subject: New Query
I would like to know if the answer by Ernst Spencer, to Query 1020 was a typo or correct? I had Moses ROWLEY IV married to Mary Weeks not Mary Fuller. Also I would like to know ancestry of this Mary Fuller and those of the next generation Anna Richmond. My Lines: Henry Rowley m. Sarah Palmer Moses Rowley m. Elizabeth Fuller Moses Rowley m. Mary Fletcher Moses Rowley m. Martha Porter Moses Rowley m. Mary Wells (?Mary Fuller?) Aaron Rowley m. Anna Richmond, Anna Rowley m. Thomas Leadbetter a.)Lester Leadbetter m. b.)Nancy Leadbetter m. Chestina Wilcox Dr. Forward Barnum William Lester Leadbetter m. Catherine Barnum (1st Cousins) Augusta Fostina Leadbetter m. Jason Whittemore Rowley Leadbetter Whittemore m. Elizabeth Philomelia Heath Archie A. Whittemore m. Mary E. Burnop Kenneth Robert Whittemore m. Margaret Louise Rowland Kenneth Robert Whittemore Jr. m. Vicki Norma Smith Ken Whittemore Naples Italy


Date: 20-Nov-97 07:32 PM
Name: George Rogers
Subject: Milo ROWLEY; Westfield, PA
Seeking ancestors and/or descendants of Milo ROWLEY: 1 Milo Rowley b: January 10, 1823 Westfield, PA . +Patience MNUnk b: February 13, 1828 m: September 22, 1850 .......... 2 Elen Rowley b: November 30, 1851 d: January 26, 1855 .......... 2 Hellen Rowley b: February 02, 1855 .......... 2 [1] Olive Rowley b: July 07, 1858 d: 1912 .............. +Josiah W. Harris b: Abt. 1832 NY m: Abt. 1888 d: Abt. 1903 Cowanesque, PA m: Abt. 1888 .......... *2nd Husband of [1] Olive Rowley: .............. +Leroy Howland b: Abt. 1870 m: Abt. 1908 m: Abt. 1908 .......... 2 Charles Rowley b: May 26, 1860 d: January 16, 1942 .......... 2 Mary A. Rowley b: March 24, 1863 d: February 23, 1950 .............. +FNUnk King b: Abt. 1860


Date: 17-Nov-97 03:23 PM
Name: Mike Rowley
Subject: George Rowley
I am the great grandson of George ?. My father (Stanley Monroe) said George entered the US through New York about1895-1905. He waited in New York for the arrival of Anna/Anne whom he married. Lived in Chicago then in Oceanside?, Ca. Had three sons; Lester, Edd/Edward, & Stanley George (my grandfather). Stanley George didn't hang around much so information is sketchy. I have very little more than this and am attempting to trace him back to Ireland.


Date: 17-Nov-97 08:50 AM
Name: Rose Thomas
Subject: A Rowley line
Does anyone kinow of the ancestors of AZARIAH H. Rowley. The info I have says he was born in New York in 1814. Married Rosalie Margaret Ledger and had son James H.S. Rowley born 1846 died 1869 in Trenton, NJ. Had by Emma Price William Alfred Rowley b.1 May 1867 died 1923. If you know anything of this family line please contact me. Thank you,


Date: 10-Nov-97 02:58 PM
Name: Crystal Rowley
Subject: New Query
Looking for infor on Harry Ephrim Rowley whose mother was Bernie Snorden. Harry had 5 brothers all moved to Indianapolis from Evansville where their is a street named after the Rowley's. Any information on Rowley's in Indiana please email me just beginning.


Date: 10-Nov-97 04:00 AM
Name: Ed Roley
Subject: Roley name
I see here alot of information about the Rowley line but very little information here about Roley. I know very little about my "line". Has anyone spent any time looking specifically for Roley lines? All I know is my father Harley S. Roley - g.father James Roley (born in Missouri) and gr. g.father was Heaton Roley who moved from Missouri to Oregon at the turn of this century. Thank you

Hello, Ed. I tried to contact you, but AOL says this is not a good address. Please repost this message or send me a message. Thanks- Tedd Rowley.


Date: 07-Nov-97 09:40 AM
Name: T Keller
Subject: Elizabeth Rowley
I am searching for information on one Elizabeth Rowley step-daughter of Isaac Isham of Colchester, Conn. She married one Reuben Stocking May 1, 1800.She might have had one daughter Betsey Rowley April 18, 1799.I do not know if Rowley is first married name or maiden name information is slim.


Date: 04-Nov-97 12:26 AM
Name: ken anderson
Subject: rowley's in w. va
i am searching for my gt-gt-gt grandfather. joseph v. rowley b. 1831-3 md. sarah spragg. he d. 1902 in adams co., oh. joseph serve in the civil war in w. va. had two sons i know of windfield scott b. 1850 in w .va and william harrison b. in meigs co., oh. need joseph's parents and sibings and also if they had any more children.


Date: 03-Nov-97 11:44 PM
Name: ken anderson
Subject: rowley's from w.va
looking for infomation on my gt-gt-gt grandfather joseph v. rowley b. 1831-3 md sarah spragg. he was in the civil war in w.va i know two sons windfield scott b. 1850 in w.va md mary phipps in adams co., oh d. 1926 in carter co., ky 2nd son was willian harrison b. in meigs co ., oh . d. in pa . i need joseph's parents and siblings


Date: 03-Oct-97 09:37 PM
Name: William Eugene Rowley Jr.
Subject: Barking up the wrong tree
I think that I may be asking the wrong people but I am trying to find my father. He was born in 1932 and I am also looking for information on his parents and so on. Could you E-mail me if you could help? I do have more information about them but I don't want to take up too much of your time. Thanks


Date: 01-Oct-97 04:39 PM
Name: MEJ
E-mail: or
Subject: English branches
There was for many years a branch of the family in the area of Rochester down the Thames from London. Remains of that branch, a cousin of my father's, are in the Isle of Man. I hold a warrant of an A. J. Rowley -- a warrant officer in the Royal Regiment of Artillery who apparently spent some time in India. Do any of your respondents have links to Rochester (UK, not NY)


Date: 18-Sep-97 10:59 AM
Name: Pat O'Toole
Email: OTO@cubed.com
Subject: Richard William Rowley 1842-1899

My father, JAMES RICHARD ROWLEY, b. 1914 Fayette Co., PA, the s/o F. Ethel Santmyer and STEPHEN JOHN ROWLEY, b.1880 Allegheny Co., PA, the s/o Margaret Mitchell McBroom and RICHARD WILLIAM ROWLEY. It was about 15 years ago when I reached this point of research on my Rowley line. Although, I've traced most of my branches back ten or more generations, I can't seem to get anywhere with the ROWLEY line. The information I have: Richard William Rowley b. 13 July 1842 Staffordshire, England, d. 2 September 1899 Vanderbilt, Fayette Co., PA in a mine explosion, m. 15 August 1867 Mansfield (now Carnegie), Allegheny Co., PA to Margaret Mitchell McBroom d/o Helen Robinson and Archibald McBroom. Children of this marriage (all born Allegheny Co., PA between 1868 and 1887) : Helen Robinson Rowley (Glen Johnson), Elizabeth Rowley (John Fred MIller), Sarah Anna Rowley (died age 4), Archibald Rowley (Mary Burns), Margaret Ann Rowley (Thomas Gamble), Sarah Jane Rowley (Fred Mack), Stephen John Rowley (F. Ethel Santmyer), Isabella Wood Rowley (William Allot), Richard Wm. Rowley Jr (Amelia ?) and Emily Rowley (Adam Oliver). Most of the children remained in Allegheny Co., PA. Archibald's sons: John, Richard, Russell, Robert, Thomas, Anthony and William all located in NE OH. The sources for the above info. include: Family papers that give a complete listing of the births and marriages of RICHARD WILLIAM and MARGARET and all their children, and the deaths of most, 1880 and 1900 Allegheny Co., PA census records, cemetery records, death cert. for MARGARET. I have not been able to locate a death record or birth record for RICHARD WILLIAM. I engaged a researcher in England to search for a birth record, but he had no success and found nothing that might even be remotely connected. I have a copy of an old photo of RICHARD WILLIAM, his parents and sister (who I would guess to be a few years older than Richard Wm.) Does anyone have any information, clues or suggestions to help in my search?


Date: 14-Sep-97 11:48 AM
Name: Tina Gemmell
Subject: RAWLEY (ROWLEY), Daniel or George
To be submitted to Tedd Rowleys web site, 13 Sep 1997 Mary Ann Staley c1806-1878 married Daniel or George Rawley. They lived on Wolfe Island, Frontenac Co., ON CAN. He was her second of three husbands. His birth date is unknown, but he is believed to have been born in the USA. He married Mary Ann sometime after 1832/34. They had 4 children: William James Rawley (1835-1881/9) who m. Ann Todd; Martha Rawley (c1836/7-?) who m. Robert Carr; my 3xgt. grandmother Sarah Ann Rawley (c1839/40-1912) who never married, but nevertheless had a son William John Rawley in c1861; and Isabella Rawley (c1842-1915) who m. John Todd. Daniel/George died sometime between 1841 and 1851. Possible siblings of Daniel/George Rawley may or may not include: Thomas Raile (c1798-?) of Frontenac Co., ON; Mr. Rawley (?-<1851) of Belleville, Hastings Co., ON, who m. Anna (1799->1851); William Rawley (c1804/08-1869) of Tyendinaga Twp., Hastings Co., ON who m. Jane Kinnear (c1805->1869); Elias Rowley (?-?) of Hastings Co., and Brock Dist., ON; Lovina Rowley (1805-1872) of Tyendinaga Twp., Hastings Co., ON who m. Jacob Hardy (1805-1893); and Gibson Rawley (?-?) of Tyendinaga Twp., Hastings Co., ON who m. Caroline. Am looking for more information about Daniel/George’s parents and siblings, and his birthplace in the USA, all feedback welcome, however "shaky" the connection might be. Happy to exchange any information I have, mostly about Rowley, Roley and Rawley families in Ontario, Canada.


Date: 13-Sep-97 11:39 AM
Name: Henry C. Rowley
Subject: new inquiry
My family is from Ravenswood, WV. My grandfather was also named Henry C. Rowley, and was born in 1844. He and 4 or 5 of his brothers were in the Union Army together. He died in 1922 and was last married to Lillian. It is my understanding that after the war, one brother moved to central OH, one to PA, one went south, and one went west. I don't have any additional information at hand, but would appreciate any information that anyone could provide on my ancestry, etc.

Part of the Rowley Genealogical page is a section which is a register of the Civil War Pension applications. If you check Henry C. Rowley, there are two, one from West Virginia, who had a wife, Lillian and also had a minor child at the time of his death. The soldier applied for pension 15 Mar 1887 on application # 602,009 which was granted on # 459,378. His widow applied 7 April 1922 on application 1187,887. She apparently died before it was granted. However, there was an application for a minor 22 June 1922 on application 1190,763 granted 924,850. I would advise you to apply to the US Archives at Washington DC for copies of the pension file. All the information you need is shown on the register. Be sure to ask for copies of ALL papers in the file or they will select. If you are located anywhere near Washington, DC it would be far less expensive and much more rapid to view the files and do your own copying. It will be well worth the effort, however, because where there is a widow AND a minor child, you will find the file crammed with genealogical data. Tedd Rowley


Date: 07-Sep-97 04:37 PM
Name: Robert D. Rowley
E-mail: 7444 E. Broadway, Tucson Az.
Subject: Communication
Please contact regarding Lord Peter Rowley. Looking for color copy of family Coat of Arms, Rowley St. Neots, Hunts... Can contact me at (520)-722-8050.


Date: 03-Sep-97 11:48 AM
Name: KC Simmons for George Thomas (Jack) Rowley
Subject: ROWLEY, Benjamin Harry
Looking for info on Benjamin Harry ROWLEY who was a switchman for the railroad killed on the job by a train near Canadian, Texas around the last part of April, 1914. We think his body was shipped to Arkansas. Benjamin Harry ROWLEY was married to Mary Lynch. We don't know anything about his parents or siblings. His son who was born, April 30, 1914, a few days after his father's death, would like to know more about his Dad & his grandparents, etc. Would appreciate any help you can give. Thank you. Please email us at

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