Rowley Registry

Korean Conflict

Killed In Action

Spencer # Name Service Number Military Grade   Date Died or Declared Dead Component /Branch Home of Record   Birth
  Rowley David A 19326232 PFC E3 16 Jul 1950 Reserve U.S. Army Butte CA 1929
  Rowley Don E 20722097 SFC E7 2 Aug 1950 Reserve U.S. Army Lincoln NE 1917
  Rowley Harold C 13303011 PFC E3 20 Jul 1950 Reserve U.S. Army Northampton PA 1931
  Rowley Waynord W 15010802 SFC E7 3 Dec 1950 Reserve U.S. Army Essex MA 1921
  Rawle Tome William 1071553 PFC E2 7 Aug 1950 Artillery/Rocket (Ground) Regular U.S. Marine Corp Erie PA 27 Dec 1930

Other Information Provided that was consistent: Race=Caucasian; Citizenship=U.S.; Killed in Korea

See NARA Korean Conflict Casualty File

American Prisoner of War

Spencer # Name Serial # Birth Camp Rank
  Rowe Frank L 0035846784 15 Sep 1925 Ch'ang-Song CPL
  Rowe Venson L 0053097134     PFC
  Rawls Harold James 0014346983 13 May 1932 Ch'ang-Song CPL

See NARA Korean War File of American Prisoners of War, ca. 1950 - ca. 1953

Repatriated Korean Conflict Prisoners of War

ca. 1978 - ca. 1980

Spencer # Name Capture Release Camp
  Rowley Arden A 1 Dec 1950 19 Aug 1953 Ch'ang-Song

See NARA Repatriated Korean Prisoners of War

U.S. Army Korean War Casualty


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See NARA Korean War Casualty File, ca. 1950 - ca. 1970

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