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Abijah Rowley Elizabeth [Culver]




Benjamin Rowley Not stated




Daniel Rowlee Phebe [Miller]




Eli Smith Rowley Not stated




Joseph Rowley Hannah Loveland


R- 9,051


Joseph Langrell Rowley Not stated


S- 7,408


Nathan Rowley Anne




Reuben Rowley Susannah Campbell


W- 2,859


Seth Rowley Innocent Salsbury



1-6.0080 ??

Seth Rowley Jr. Not stated




Silas Rowley Not stated




Thomas Rowley Mary Hase



Branch 3  

Timothy Rowley 1) Neomi Rute
2) Mary



1-6.0046 - Abijah Rowley

Application S32493, dated 7 Jan 1819 from Great Valley, Cattaraugus Co., NY, at which time he was 62 (ergo, b. ca 1757). He was a blacksmith, with a wife, Elizabeth, ae 62 and a daughter, Cornelia, 16, in 1822. At that time, he also had a grandson, Abijah Dickinson, 12. Family records show the wife to be Elizabeth Culver. He removed from NY to Preble Co., OH, thence to Fulton Co., IL 4 Sep 1839. He died 23 Jul 1850 with six surviving children, but no widow. The children were Elizabeth Dickenson, Cloe Cole, Lydia Johnson, Maria Lively, Cornelia Hall, Samuel Rowley [62 on 24 Dec 1850].


1-6.0433 ?? - Benjamin Rowley

Application S33610 (R13873), 21 Apr 1818 from Falmouth, Barnstable Co., MA at which time he was age 65. He enlisted at Roxbury, near Boston, and served on the ship Warren.


1-6.0256 - Daniel Rowley

Application S14318, dated 7 Jun 1832 from Castile, Genesee Co., NY when he was 73. He was born 20 Apr 1759 at Middleton, NJ about 3 mi. from Sandy Hook. He ent'd service from Fredericksburg, Dutchess Co., NY. After 1778, he resided at the Oblong 3 years near Livingstone Manor, then Granville, NY 10 yrs., then Crown Point 2 yrs., then Sm anton, VT 12 yrs., then East Huron, NY 20 yrs., then Castile 4 yrs. to date of application. He died in 1840 and was buried Perry, NY. Letter from Ida Lois (Rowley) Merrill Manuel, whose father was Oscar Putnam Rowley: Daniel was a deacon in the Baptist Church. His wife, Phebe (she was the wife in 1796), died in 1828. He then went to live with "uncle" Miller Rowley in Perry, Genesee Co., NY. His grandfather's name was also Daniel. A Mrs. Katherine McGwinn was attempting to determine the father of Daniel and his "brother," Elijah.


1-6.0404 - Eli Smith Rowley

Application S11312, dated 1 Apr 1833, from Washington, Litchfield Co., CT, age 72. He was taken prisoner 20 May 1781, escaped and returned home. He resided at Waterbury, CT at the time of enlistment, and returned to New Haven after service. In 1806 he removed to Washington CT, and in 1837 he removed to Jefferson in Schoharie Co., NY. He died there 23 Aug 1849 and was buried there. Edward Rowley of Jefferson, NY was admin. of his estate. In 1837, Charles Rowley (no relationship shown) made an affidavit in his favor. In 1904, Elizabeth Rowley Rogers of Sycamore, DeKalb Co., IL posted a query, stating she was gr-granddau of Daniel Rowley (not Eli Smith Rowley).



1-6.0046 - Joseph Rowley

Application R9051, dated 2 Oct 1832 from Pittsford, Monroe Co., NY, age 80. He resided at Richmond, Berkshire Co., MA at the time of enlistment. After service he removed to West Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., MA for seven years, then to Bloomfield, Ontario Co., NY, and in 1827 to Pittsford. He died 23 Dec 1835, and his widow, Hannah (Fox) Loveland died 25 Dec 1847. His first wife was Sibbel Fox, whom he married 27 May 1773, and who died 8 May 1784, age 35. Jos. Rowley and Hannah Loveland were married the 7th Day of Feb 1785 (another entry says 1784 in error). Children of wife #1, Sibbel, were Hannah, who had power of attorney, and was 78 on 14 Dec 1838, and Deborah, 63 on 7 Jan 1839. Children of wife #2, Hannah, were Sylvia Hart and Lucy Pullen, age 47 on 7 Jan 1839, birthdate 10 Dec 1791. Sylvia's husband, Frederick A. Hart resided in Victor NY forty four years. There was a Lydia Hart, who was unidentified..


1-6.0008 - Joseph Langrell Rowley

Application S7408, 12 Mar 1834 from Fayette Twp., Lawrence Co., OH, when he was age 83 and 11 months. He was born 16 Apr 1750 at Colchester, New London Co., CT. He started in the army, and then in the navy aboard the Defense. In 1779, he removed from Middle Haddam, CT to New Canaan, New York for 8-10 years, then to Goshen Parish, Lebanon, NY for a few years, then Hoosac, NY for 5 years, then to Genesee, then Westmoreland Co., PA for two to three years, Allegany Co., PA about 10 years, Westmoreland Co., and Allegany Co. again. In 1820 to Lawrence Co., OH.


1-6.0051 - Nathan Rowley
Application S40354, 22 Apr 1818, from Tioga Co., PA. On 18 Sep 1820, Nathan was age 62. He died 21 Aug 1833. In 1820, his wife, Anne, was age 60. At that date he had in his household 11 year old Lyman Kelly, who he was obliged to keep until he was age 14. A letter in the file of Reuben Rowley [W2859] Gwendolyn McCloskey in 1936 stated Nathan Rowley was born 1758, the son of Thomas Rowley, born Hebron, moved to VT some time before 1769, and came to Pennsylvania 1800-1803. Another letter states Jabez or Jabish Rowley married Elizabeth and had a daughter Gertrude, born in Chatham NY in 1808. The relationship is undetermined.


1-6.0049 - Reuben Rowley

Application (widow's) W 2859, 27 Dec 1839, from Bradford Co., PA. Reuben had originally applied 29 Apr 1818 from Bradford, at which time he was age 68. On 6 Sep 1821 Reuben was 70, with wife Susannah, who was 60 nexts Feb., and had one daughter, 17 years old. They also had a grand daughter 10 years old, whose mother was dead and whose father absconded, according to the file. He died 6 Jul 1833, and his widow died 13 Feb 1840. An affidavit of Mary Roberts, Franklin Co., VT, aged 60, stated she was 8 years old in Mar 1781, when her sister, Susannah Campbell married Reuben Rowley. Hannah Pierson, another sister, of Chittenden, states Susannah was born Feb 1762 in Voluntown, Windham Co. (now New London Co.), CT


1-6.0397 - Seth Rowley

Application (widows) W24777, 17 Jun 1851, from Unadilla, Otsego Co., NY. The soldier had originally applied 8 Apr 1818 from Otsego Co, NY. He resided at Kent, Litchfield Co., CT at the time of enlistment. Seth Rowley was born 19 Feb. 1760 at Kent, CT, and m. Innocent Saulsbury (Salsbury) 14 Dec 1786 Village of Spencertown, Town of Hillsdale (now Austerlitz), Columbia Co., NY by Rev. Jesse Clark.. She was b. 10 Jan 1770. Seth died 26 Jn 1851, Unadilla, Otsego Co., NY.

The births of their children: 1) Joel Rowley was born 30 Jul 1787; 2) Elizabeth Rowley was born 2(?) Aug 1788; 3) Abigale (sic) was born 28 May 17909; 4) Susannah Rowley was born 11 Dec 1791; 5) Sarah Rowley was born 28 Aug 1793 and d. 10 Jul 1794; 6) Patience Rowley was born 24 Jun 1795; 7) Mary Rowley was born 9 Jul 1797; 8) Seth G. S. Rowley was born 31 May 1799; 9) Jabez E. Rowley was born 26 Jun 1801 and died 4 Jan 1826 at Friendship, Allegany Co.; 11 & 12) A girl and boy born 9 Apr 1803, the girl d. the 18th and the boy the 20th; 13) Anne Rowley was born 25 Apr 1804; 14) Sally Rowley was born 31 May 1806; 15) Abel C. Rowley was born 29 May 1808; and 16) Innocent Rowley was born 4 Sep 1810.

An affidavit by Phineas Rowley of Cherry Valley, Otsego Co., NY on 17 Jul 1851 stated he was age 65. Seth Rowley 2nd (his wife referred to him as that, also) was his father's brother. On 28 Jun 1851 Abel C. Rowley, son, was age 43, and stated his brother was S. G. S. Rowley. 28 Jun 1851, Anna Wait, daughter, was age 47. She married in 1824, when her father gave her the old testament with records, but which burnt, but not before brother S.G.S. had transcribed it into a new bible. On 30 May 1851, Seth G. S. Rowley of Bolivar, Otsego Co., NY stated he was the 8th child and was now 52 years old. He stated the oldest brother, Joel, was living in Illinois and was now age 64. Patience Lathrop died on the 18th day of April 1842 in the 47th year of her age.


1-6.0080 - Seth Rowley

Application S42216 was made 30 April 1818 from Norwich, Chenango Co.., NY and was age 60. He had enlisted at Richmond, Berkshire Co., MA. He was living New Lisbon, Otsego Co., NY. In 1823, his son Seth, purchased 50 acres from his father in New Lisbon. On 13 Feb 1824, he was 65 and his wife was 57, one dau was 21 and another 15. On the 26th of Aug 1820, a deposition stated Seth Rowley debtor ($75.85), had a small farm which carried a mortgage executed by Seth to his son Enos Rowley for $200.



2-4.010 - Silas Rowley

Application S14326 was made 18 Apr 1833 from Windsor, Hartford Co., CT. He enlisted from there and returned there after the war. He was the son of Samuel and Elizabeth Rowley. On 18 Apr 1833, he was 74 years old. His brother, Job Rowley was now dead, but in Sep 1778 had Silas take his place in service. In Sep 1779, he was hired by another brother, Samuel, also now deceased in 1833 to perform his tour of duty. He was recommended as a "respectable inhabitant" of the Town of Bloomfield by selectmen 29 Aug 1837. Signed by Bildad Rowley and Nathan Brown. Captain John Barnard married Silas' mother's sister. Silas was born in Windsor 2 Dec 1760, where it is recorded. He was still alive 6 Sep 1854, age 94.


2-4.016 - Thomas Rowley

Application W15277 dated 21 Jul 1845 from Southampton, Hampshire Co., MA. The soldier had made application 2 Oct 1832 from the same place. He had removed from Windsor to Southampton in 1840. Thomas Rowley was the son of John Rowley and Mary, his wife, and was born 24 Dec 1753, as certified by Jas. Newberry, Town Clerk of Windsor, 29 Aug 1832. He was married 4 Nov 1779 to Mary Hase, of Tam'n Brook (sic). On 9 Aug 1848, Mary Rowley was age 86, widow of Thomas Rowley. One Daniel Gibbs certified the marriage was peformed by Hezekiah Bissell, pastor of the Congregational Church in Wintonbury (now Bloomfield). Thomas Rowley died 7 Oct 1843. Two of his brothers were John and Philander Rowley. Silas Rowley, relation unknown, made a deposition in 1832..


3-?.??? - Timothy Rowley Application S42215 dated 13 May 1818 from Jerusalem, Yates Co., NY when he was age 72. He enlisted at Fishkill, NY. In 1790, he was living in Duanesberg, Schenectady, NY. On 18 Oct 1820, age 74, he was a resident of the town of Wayne, Steuben Co., NY. He then had a wife, Mary, age 56 and a step-son Aaron B. Purdy, age 12. In the file was a letter requesting data on Timothy Rowley from Dutchess Co., NY who died Urbana, Champaign Co., OH at the age of 83. In 1935, Leora Wilson of Canisteo, NY wrote, referring to a 1934 letter on John G. SAndford Rowley pension claim WC3918 (a different war, the War of 1812). She wrote to say it had been learned that this was the Timothy Rowley, father of John G. Sanford Rowley and his mother was Neomi Nute or Mute [TWR note: Root]. They lived in Duanesburg where the children were baptized. Timothy and his second wife, Mary, lived at Wayne. She was 18 years younger and had been married to a Mr. Purdy previously.,


[The above data were extracted from files at the Archives at Washington, DC by T. W. Rowley.]


Revised: October 31, 2009.